7 Reasons Why Do My Homemade Candles Burn Quickly

In modern times, candles serve more than just being a light in the darkness. Scented candles are said to reduce your anxiety by releasing relaxing fragrances. Other than decorations, different ceremonies and rituals have used candles. However, it is sad to watch when they burn out easily, especially when you have made it yourself. So why do homemade candles burn quickly?

Uneven candle flames are frequently caused by untrimmed wicks that are not maintained, causing homemade candles to burn out quickly. The rate at which your candle burns is said to be affected by the fragrance oil. Another issue could be that the candlewick is too large for the wax.

Candles are a mainstay in houses, and even a luxury to treat yourself and others. Candles are made easily at home nowadays. Let us look at how you can make them last longer and why your homemade candles burn out faster than usual.

7 Reasons Why A Homemade Candle Will Burn Quickly

In general, a candle burns for four to eight hours based on the amount of wax it has and the type of candle it is. Homemade candles may not be able to burn longer than candles bought from stores. There are many factors that lead to your candle quickly burning out.

1. Wick of the candle

Untrimmed wicks that are not being maintained at all times are often the cause of uneven candle flames, making homemade candles burn away quickly. Your wick determines how quickly your candle will burn.

If the width of the wick is too large for the candle, it means that it will burn the wax faster. Make sure to choose the right kind of wick for your candle so it doesn’t burn out faster.

2. Placement of your candles

Place your candles away from wind drafts. Wind can blow the flame to the side of your candle, making the wax unevenly burn. Molten wax will then run down the side of the candle. If the flame of the candle moves too much and not to the center, it will eventually burn out the candle. A candle with a wick that is straight burns better and lasts longer.

3. Burning candle for a short period

Always burn your homemade candle for a long period of time. Do not use your candles for just ten minutes and then blow them out. Each time you light your candle, it ought to burn longer to dissolve the surface wax from one side of the holder to the other. In the event that it does not, at that point, you are going to create candle memory rings that will lead to tunneling.

4. Candles catching dirt

Do not let dirt sit on the surface of your homemade candles, and if it does, remove it properly before lighting them. This dirt and dust will gather on the wick and cause it to start mushrooming. When this happens, the fire will end up bigger, burn too much wax, and create soot. It is wise to clean the candles after every use.

5. Cool off the candle completely before reusing

Avoid relighting the candle when it is still hot. This will only cause the candle to soften and warm up quicker, which will make the candle burn faster and lower its life. Give your candles enough time before relighting them.

6. Ingredients

The wax used to make your candle has a significant impact on how long it will last. If the wax used in a candle is cheap, or if the ingredients used in it are poorly made, the candle will burn faster.

Soft wax is not the way to go. Paraffin wax is the most common type of candle wax. Also, when making candles, make sure to use the right ingredients.

7. Fragrance oil

Fragrance oil also plays a huge role in making your homemade candle burn quickly. A candle is made with an essential oil, also known as a fragrance oil. It determines the fragrance of the candle. The oil, however, causes a candle to quickly burn out.

Candle fragrance oils are carefully formulated to ensure that they burn properly. True essential oils aren’t modified in any way. The oil in your wax intensifies the flame, making it more flammable. As a result, it melts the wax faster, causing your homemade candle to burn out.

Tips to Make Homemade Candles Last Longer

While candles add warmth and light to each space, making your house feel more relaxing, they do not last forever and can be a bit expensive. However, you can make your homemade candles last longer with some of these tips. So, be sure to check each and every one of them out.

Burn in the right place

Candles look great around the corner of your house. However, the placement of your candle can very much affect its lifespan. Always place your homemade candles on a tray or anything that has a flat surface.

This will keep your candle upright and the flame will burn straight. The movement of the flame makes your candle burn unevenly. You should also keep in mind to keep your candles away from drafts to keep the wax burning straight.

You should also not keep your candles directly under the sun or leave them outside. Sunlight will only cause the candles to melt faster due to the heat. Leaving your candles outside will expose them to wind making them also burn uneven and much more rapidly.

Tunnel fixing with tin foil

If you burn your candles straight for hours, it will make deep tunneling in the middle of the wax where the wick is placed. It also forms when you don’t get the desired memory ring around the first burning sessions.

This usually happens when your candle is burning straight to the center but leaving hard wax around the candle’s edges. Wrap a tin foil around the top edges to help fix the tunnel area and keep the hard wax together to the center.

Room ventilation

You should keep your candles away from drafts and winds. However, that does not mean that your room should not be well ventilated. Partially open your windows to let fresh air enter the room. It also helps to spread the scent of the fragrance oil you used in your homemade candles. This helps the candle circulate the room around and burn calm and slow.

Store your candles properly

After you are done using your candles, store them properly back into their packing. Clean off any dirt or soot forming on the edge before storing them away. You should always keep them in a cool place and reuse them after the homemade candles have completely cooled down. A great trick is to store your candles inside your fridge.

You should also wait before moving your candle. Keep it rested in its position till the wax surrounding the edges has hardened. It will keep your homemade candle stay even and upright.


Untrimmed wicks that are not being maintained frequently are often the primary cause of uneven candle flames. Candles with thicker or incorrect wicks will melt faster than others. The fragrance oil used also ignites the flame more, making it more flammable and hence melting the wax quicker. This is why homemade candles burn quicker than commercial candles. But there are many other causes to fast burning scented candles as well.

So, if making candles is not a particular hobby for you, then it is better to buy commercially made scented candles as it will save tons of money and time.

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