Best Candle Wick Adhesive [Compare All The Options]

As a candle maker, you may be wondering what candle wick adhesive to use. There are a few wick adhesive options that you can use when candle-making. In this article, we will discuss the different options you can use, what is best and how to use them in the candle-making process.

The best candle wick adhesive is a candle wick sticker attached to the base of a wick tab. This easy-to-use method provides a secure foundation for the wick base and candle wick to remain straight during the wax pouring process.

candle wick adhesive

There are a variety of wick adhesive products available that can be bought or made at home. Let’s explore the different wick adhesive options and see what benefits they have and how to use them so you can create a successful candle.

Best Candle Wick Adhesive You Can Use

The best candle wick adhesive you can use are specially made wick stickers. Let’s find out why these are the best to use.

Wick Stickers Are The Best Wick Adhesives

Wick stickers attach to a wick tab that goes in the center of your candle. These wick stickers allow your wick to remain secure and in the center of the candle while you pour the wax in, as well as keeping it centered as the candle burns.

Depending on the brand, some candle wick stickers are designed to stick to a variety of surfaces such as glass, metal, wood, and more. This allows you to not be limited to what vessel you want to use for your candle as the wick stickers will be durable regardless of the surface.

Wick stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes so it will suit all kinds of candles and wicks. To use wick stickers, all you need to do is peel them off the paper and stick it to the wick tab and then to the center of the base of the candle.

Wick stickers are very easy to use and are time efficient. They are very affordable and often come in a pack which is great for candle makers who make many candles. You can buy them at local craft stores, some candle stores, and online for delivery worldwide.

Here are some candle wick stickers which are rated Amazon’s Choice. These are perfect for when you are making candles at home and need to secure your wick. They will provide you with an easy-to-use and sticky candle wick adhesive.

Steps To Apply A Wick Sticker

Here are four simple and easy steps to apply your wick sticker to your wick tab and then to your candle vessel.

  1. Ensure the surface you are applying the wick sticker to is clean and dry.
  2. Peel the tab of the wick sticker from the paper and apply to the bottom of the wick tab.
  3. Peel off the paper from the wick sticker that is attached to the wick tab.
  4. Press it into the center of a candle vessel.

You can then pour the wax into the candle and have a straight and secure candle wick.

Other Types Of Wick Adhesives

If you don’t want to use wick stickers as your adhesive, let’s explore the other options available. Here are four other options that you may use as a wick adhesive.

Other Types Of Wick Adhesives

High-Temperature Glue GunCan be messy to use and more likely to harm yourself
Wick PadsThey are thicker than stickers and hold well
Double-Sided TapeIs a similar idea to a wick sticker however it may be limited to certain surfaces and may not stick as well
Hot Wax AdhesiveYou can put this in the base of the candle and insert the wick tab to it.

From this table, we can see that traditional wick stickers can be used, but there are other options that can work depending on your personal preference. If you do not want to buy wick stickers, pads, or hot wax adhesives and you have double-sided tape or a glue gun at home, those may be a more convenient option for you, but not as effective.

What Happens If I Don’t Use A Wick Adhesive?

If you do not use a wick adhesive to hold your wick in place, your candle wick will move from the center, and all the wax in the candle will not burn. It will be more difficult to make the candle when you pour the wax in and the candle won’t be as long-lasting.

You can also use wick adhesives for candles that are not made in a jar or vessel. Instead of using the wick adhesive to keep the wick straight in the candle as you pour the wax, you can use them to hold a candle in its stand to keep it standing up straight if it is a bit wobbly.

If you don’t use a wick adhesive to secure your wick in place, the next best option would be to use a wick holder which you place on top of the candle vessel so you can help guide the wick to stay in the center of the vase.

How Do I Remove Adhesives From My Candle Vessel?

If you use an adhesive that leaves residue on your candle vessel and you would like to remove it, you can do so. Some people like to reuse their candle vessels and therefore want to clean off old adhesive residue.

You may also accidentally make a mess by applying an adhesive such as hot glue or was and need to use a substance to remove it so it doesn’t affect the appearance of the candle.

Glass Vessel

When removing an adhesive from a glass vessel, you can use acetone, which is found in most nail polish removers. You can use a rag and rub it on the area to remove it.

Ceramic Vessel

When removing an adhesive from a ceramic vessel, you can use isopropyl or you can use white vinegar and water and allow the ceramic vessel to soak before using a sponge to scrub it off.

Tin Vessel

When removing an adhesive from a metal or tin vessel, you can use alcohol or isopropyl, as it won’t damage the tin. Apply it to a cotton ball and allow it to soak into the area. Another option is using baby oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Super Glue For Candle Wicks?

It is not recommended to use super glue to secure your candle wicks. If you want to use glue, you need to use high-temperature glue to ensure the wick will stay in position once the hot wax is in the candle vessel.

How Do I Anchor Down The Candle Wick Into The Vessel?

If you are not using a wick tab and need to anchor your wick into the bottom of the candle vessel, there are a few options. You can eyeball it and use your hands if your finger can fit into the jar. You can use a straw to keep the wick centered and attached to the bottom of the vessel or use any long tool that can fit into the vessel and anchor the wick securely.

Final Words

Overall, wick stickers attached to the wick tab are the best choice of wick adhesive, but there are other options out there for you to try and use. Wick stickers are affordable and easy to use and there are many brands available, so find some that work best for you.

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