Can You Connect Two Wicks Together? Using Multiple Wicks

If you are looking for sophisticated yet straightforward items to decorate your rooms, the candle is the best option. Candles can effectively turn your room joyful and vibrant. Many of us take crafting candles as a hobby or side hustle. It is common to wonder if you can connect two wicks together. It is a delicate understanding of making candles.

You can connect two wicks together. Connecting two or more candle wicks is done to amplify the productivity of the candle. Apart from that, many cultures and heritages use connected candle wicks as a piece of essential equipment for traditional rituals. Connecting two candle wicks is an unpopular yet effective way to get the best candles.

You may wonder about connecting two wicks together. Although it sounds simple in words, the task may be pretty complicated when carrying it out in action. Hence, it is imperative to stay prepared beforehand. You must gather the necessary knowledge about candle wicks and their functions before working on them.

Connecting Two Candle Wicks Together

You can join them together. However, the broad answer goes beyond that. Candle Wicks serves an intricate and essential role in the overall purpose of the candle. So, when you connect two wicks together, productivity will boost proportionately. It depends majorly on the candle size.

The expert candlemakers suggest using more than one candlewick when the diameter of the candle or the container carrying the candle is more than 3.5 inches. You can double-wick the candles when they exceed that size. But connecting two candle wicks is different than the task of double-wicking your candles.

You can follow some simple steps to combine two wicks together. Simply place the two candle wicks together to be in a face-to-face position. Next, you have to put them together into one. You can use wick clips for this method or get the help of candlewick adhesives or glue stickers. They are usually heat-proof and work really well.

Connecting two candle wicks also largely depends on their respective sizes. You need to ensure that the two candle wicks are of the exact dimensions. At the same time, it is also more practical to use candle wicks of the same material if you are planning to connect them together. For example, connect cotton-thread wicks together instead of uniting them with a wooden wick.

When the length of the wicks is the same, you might want to use a wick clip or a paper clip. This will help you hold them together at the top of the candle container. Now, there are two alternative ways by which you can connect the candle wicks together. Both of them will work effectively to boost up the burn and scent throw of the candle.

You can place them closely without keeping the suggested one-inch gap in between. Then you can roll up the wicks together to conjoin and connect them after setting the candle wax. On the other hand, you can join the candle wicks beforehand. Connect them before placing them on the candle and leaving it to develop correctly.

When To Connect Wicks Together

Candle Wicks can be connected together when the candle is reasonably larger in size. The experts recommend using more than one wick on candles larger than 3.5 or 4 inches in diameter. So, in those candles and sizes that are larger than that, you can connect the candle wicks together. This will yield the best results from lighting your candles.

For instance, the candles with a comparatively larger diameter, for example- the candles with a 5-inch diameter, can have a hard time getting the full melt pool. This happens because the heat is not distributed correctly from one wick to the entire diameter. In such cases, using multiple wicks will allow the heat to distribute evenly throughout the whole candle.

As a result, the candle wax will heat adequately, and you will attain the desired melt pool. To boost up this process further, you can join the candle wicks together. As a result, the heat from burning two candle wicks will spread effectively. You can get the most satisfying melt pool and scent out of your candles.

So, you can connect your candle wicks together when you are lighting a large candle. Make sure to click the wicks depending on the candles’ diameter, size, and depth. This is because the size of the candles will differ from one another. Hence, connect two candle wicks only when the candle is large and can support the connected wicks.

What Are Joined Wick Candles Used For?

The wicks of the candles are connected for various reasons. They are great for use in different functions as ornamental pieces. In addition to that, the beautiful flame from joined wicked candles is excellent for indoor and outdoor decoration. Joined wick candles are best for decorating your homes and balconies for various occasions and celebrations.

Most of us may be unaware of joining two candle wicks together, but it is a common practice among many cultures and traditions. Apart from being an excellent method to burn candles faster and effectively, it is also a part of multiple rituals, traditions, and celebrations worldwide.

Double wicked candles are famously used in the celebration of Diwali, one of the largest festivals in Hinduism. People believe that it brings them a great fortune by lighting candles with two connected candle wicks. They practice it as a form of ritual. In addition to that, candles are used as an essential decorative item in each home.

The connected candle wicks are also effective for regular use. It yields the best melt pool from your candles. The candle burns efficiently, and your homes light up with the soothing light of the candle flame. They are instrumental in adding the touch of celebration, festivity, and beauty to your homes and surroundings.

Benefits Of Connecting Two Wicks Together

The benefits of connecting two candle wicks are many. They are highly effective for making candles of larger diameter burn effectively and prevent tunneling in the candles. At the same time, the candles give off a strong scent throw due to two connected candle wicks. It is an essential practice to improve and boost the candle’s performance

If you have a big candle with a large diameter and do not want multiple wicks in the candle, you can use two connected candle wicks. It will amplify the heat from burning a single candlewick and spread it evenly throughout your candle. As a result, the candle will burn more effectively, giving you the glow and melt pool you desire.

The scent throw is one of the significant components of the candle. When the candle does not burn effectively, you will not get the desired hot throw from your candle. The wax will keep melting without yielding the optimal scent. Using connected candle wicks can be an optimal solution to improve and amplify that situation.

So, to sum it up, by using connected candle wicks, you will get a luminous, beautiful glow from the candle. The candle will heat up appropriately and get you a full melt pool. In addition to that, you will also get the desired scent from the candle. These are the essential benefits of connecting two candle wicks together.


There are many tricks and techniques to improve the overall performance of your favorite candles. One such technique is connecting two candle wicks together. Therefore, by knowing if you can connect two wicks together, you can get the best results from lighting your candles. It is one of the best ways to make your candles perform their best.

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