Can You Mix Gel Wax And Soy Wax? (Candle wax blends)

Do you want to make a mixed wax candle at home? Are you unsure whether you can mix gel and soy wax? In this article, we will explore whether you can mix gel wax and soy wax together to create a candle. You will know the most important tips when making your blended candle.

You can mix gel wax and soy wax. By mixing gel wax and soy wax together, you can change the opacity of the candle and be creative with the different colors and tones that you can create.

There are many things to consider when mixing waxes and picking the correct waxes to mix to get the result that you are after. Making candles at home can be a great, creative outlet, and by blending or layering different waxes, you can produce unique and beautiful candles.

Mixing Gel Wax And Soy Wax

You can mix gel wax and soy wax together. The blending of the candle waxes is done during the melting process, where the wax is heated to around 180F and tempered for approximately five minutes.

However, gel wax blends better with paraffin wax than it does with soy wax, as it can handle a higher melting point. You have to be careful not to scorch the soy wax if combined with gel.

The Differences Between Soy And Gel Wax

TypeSoy WaxGel Wax
BaseIs a plant-based waxIs a petroleum gel resin
UseCan be used to create a variety of candle typesIs only used in vessels as it is not a study, standalone wax unless you use a high-grade gel
Texture / DensityIt is a soft waxHas a jelly-like form and texture
DifficultiesCraters can form and not provide the best appearance at the surfaceBubbles can form, this can be deliberate but most often it is unwanted
DensityIs non-transparentIs transparent
Melting PointHas a low melting pointHas a high melting point
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From this table, you can see the differences between gel wax and soy wax. We can see that they can complement each other in some ways but also are incompatible in other ways, so it is up to your own personal preference when deciding to mix these together.

The Purpose Of Mixing Waxes

The purpose of mixing different waxes when creating candles is for the purpose of creating some beautiful candles! You can be very creative and mix waxes to form different textures and different levels of transparency.

Different waxes can be mixed so you can get the benefits of the wax, such as the scent or certain properties it contains. You can add a layer of gel wax to a different type of wax candle to be able to add items and decorative pieces to it.

Buying Pre-Blended Waxes

You can buy blended waxes instead of doing it yourself. By buying wax that has already been mixed, you can avoid mistakes and errors due to incorrect ratios or methods. These blends will also give you information on what type of candle you can make with them.

You will not find blended gel wax with soy wax. That is something you will have to do yourself as they are not a common blend and if you are creating layers with the gel and soy wax, you need to keep them separated and layer them accordingly.

Four Things To Know When Mixing Gel Wax And Soy Wax Together

1. Soy And Gel Have Different Bases

Generally, mixing waxes that have the same base works best are they are more stable. Candle waxes can be either plant-based or petroleum-based.

As the gel is a petroleum-based resin and has a jelly-like consistency and soy is plant-based, we can be aware that it may not be a highly stable candle. However, you can get high-grade gel, which is more durable and stable and can increase the strength and stability of the candle.

From this, we could say that it would be better to mix gel wax with paraffin wax, as they both have the same base.

However, creating separate layers with gel wax and soy wax can create a unique and beautiful candle compared to a common, fixed wax candle that has been blended or is solely one wax type

2. When Making a Mixed Wax Candle Choose A Base Wax

When making a candle at your home, you need to choose what wax will be used as your base wax. The base wax should be 50-70% of your formula.

A great candle idea when using soy wax and gel is to make a soy-based candle and then add a layer of gel to put in stones or other items. You can also decide not to do layers but mix them to change the opacity of the candle.

3. You Need To Use The Correct Fragrance Oils

You have to make sure that the fragrance oil you use is compatible with will gel wax. As gel wax is mainly composed of oil, some oils are not soluble in it. You will also need to ensure that the fragrance you choose is safe to add to a gel wax.

4. Find A Suitable Temperature For Both Gel And Soy Wax

As soy wax has a lower melting point than gel wax, you will need to find a middle ground to ensure they both melt well but do not exceed a too high temperature that could cause the soy to scorch.

You can buy a thermometer on Amazon that can accurately read high temperatures from candle wax. A thermometer is a key piece of equipment to have when candle making.

How To Color A Mixed Gel And Soy Candle

If you want to add some color to your gel and soy blended candle, you will want to use liquid dye. You do not want to use wax dyes because that can cause the gel to become cloudy.

Only a few drops are needed to produce a bright color, so don’t add in too much. If you are adding decorative pieces to the wax, do not add too much liquid dye to the wax.

Liquid dyes are easy to use, good at blending with other colors, don’t affect the consistency of the candle, and can be cheaper than buying other types of candle dyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gel Candles Eco Friendly?

No gel candles are not eco-friendly because they come from a by-product of crude oil refinement. This can cause environmental pollution and habitat loss. They are not very biodegradable or compostable.

Is Palm Wax Similar To Soy Wax?

Both palm wax and soy wax are plant-based waxes. Palm wax comes from palm oil and can be mixed with soy wax to make a harder candle. Palm wax tends to create a feathered or crystalline effect in candles, which can be beautiful to look at.

Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Candles Than Buying Them?

It is cheaper to make your own candles at home than it is to buy already made candles. You can save around 62% of the money spent on buying candles on making them yourself – and have fun doing it!

Final Words

Lastly, you can mix gel wax and soy wax and create a candle. However, it is important to know that they are made up of different substances and they do have different properties, so ensure you can mix them safely. Be creative and enjoy the process!

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