Can You Remelt Wax Melts to Add More Fragrance?

Wax melts are small, slow-burning cubes to soothe your nostrils. The standard burning time for these melts is about 6-8 hours. So, you can see where I’m going with this. Buying so many melts can get pricey. Hence, you can remelt the wax to be more efficient. But can you remelt wax melts to add more fragrance? Let’s find out!

You definitely can remelt your wax to add more fragrance. Wax melts don’t evaporate over time, it just changes state. So, you can remelt them as many times as you please. Care that the fragrance might lose over time. But that is also a boon in disguise.

Remelting wax melts

If you have time then don’t go anywhere! Because I’ve just scratched the surface about remelting wax melts. I’ll be talking about different ways to remelt them. And, I’ll touch on the benefits of using remelted wax, and how many times you can remelt them. So, please keep going!

How Many Times Can You Use Your Remelted Wax?

You can remelt your wax as many times as you want. But using the same wax over and over again fades the fragrance. So, it is better to use the remelted wax until you can’t smell it anymore.

You would normally use 2 to 3 wax melt cubes per burning time. Usually, a warmer or electric burner is used to light up the wax melts. The cubes burn away slowly putting off a nice hot throw. As a result, it lasts longer than regular candles.

As I’ve mentioned, remelting wax can make it lose its fragrance. But it can also be the burner. So, make sure to inspect your burner! Also, using a specific melt too much can be a problem. You can get used to the smell quickly. That way, you’ll not smell it at all. Trust me, the mind plays tricks on you!

Hence, it is better if you add some candle wax to create that depth of fragrance. Moreover, you can add other types of wax melts to create a unique concoction. So, just make sure to know the procedures properly. And if you don’t know the procedures, don’t sweat it! Why am I here then? I’m explaining it right now, so keep reading!

Ways to Remelt Your Wax Melts

Remelting wax is easy. The tricky part is to remove the leftover wax from the burner. Burners or warmers are specifically designed to use wax melts. They gently heat the wax at a lower temperature. Hence, some waxes are leftover in the pan of the warmer. There are some quick and easy techniques you can do to remove them. So, here they are!

Use putty or a normal knife: After using the melts, they will form a hard thin puddle on the glass dish or pan. You can then use a knife to scrape off the remaining wax. But be careful! This method has a good chance to damage the pan. So, do it as gently as possible. Also, don’t injure your hands while doing this!

Put it in the Freezer: This is a safer method albeit a bit time-consuming. As the name suggests, pop your dish into the freezer for an hour or so. Then gently nudge one side of the wax with your thumb. As a result, the wax will come off the dish smoothly.

Burn it slightly: This method is the best in my opinion. Use a small candle or lighter at the bottom of the dish for about 45 seconds to 1 minute. The lower part of the wax should melt gradually. After that, you can easily slide off the wax from the dish and clean it!

Okay, now that you scraped off the wax you can start remelting it. The process is easy but make sure you don’t scorch it! For that proper calculation and inspection are needed. So, here are the ways you can remelt the wax melts:

The Boiling method

Take the wax and put it inside a pot. I’m assuming that you have collected a lot of scrapes over the days? Such that, you can melt them at once. Prepare another pot full of water. Don’t fill it to the brim though. Then, keep the water simmering at a low temperature (about 170 -180 degrees Fahrenheit).

Place the pot full of wax on top of the water pot. Your wax should melt after 10-15 minutes. But don’t just go away from the pot! Check it out from time to time and give it a good stir. The stirring will prevent the wax from burning.

After the melting is complete, keep it at room temperature and let it cool. When the temperature is lukewarm, pour the wax on an ice cube tray and put it in the freezer. Voila! After a few hours, you have new and shiny wax melts!

The Microwave method

This method is very quick and simple! You can use this technique for smaller portions of wax. Take the wax in a metallic container. You can also use a glass container but make sure it’s thick enough to withstand the heat.

Crank up your microwave and let it do the job. Make sure to keep the temperature low. In this case, also, you must inspect it from time to time. After it is fully melted follow the same procedure I’ve said before. Or, you can keep it in the container as well. It’s your choice!

To give an oomph to the fragrance you can add essential oils during the lukewarm period. You can also add other candle waxes to your mix. For that, you need to melt the candle wax first and then add it to the solution. So, there you go! I hope you understand all the methods clearly.

Benefits of Using Remelted Wax melts

The benefits of using remelted wax melts are many! First of all, you’re saving a ton of money. Buying wax melts can be annoying since you use so much in so little time! Hence, remelting them saves money and introduces a good recycling practice. Moreover, finding a wax melt that you like can be tough.

The store that you bought from might run out of it. So, remelting the waxes preserve the fragrances. Furthermore, by remelting wax, you create new and unique fragrances. You can use other wax melts, candles, or, essential oils to concoct a new aroma. Who knows you might even start a business!

And finally, remelting wax with your family can be a fun leisure time! You can teach your kids the excitement of creation. I too enjoy spending time with my kids the same way. So, do give it a shot!


So, can you remelt wax melts to add more fragrance? To recap, yes you can. You can remelt wax over and over again until the fragrance loses. There are techniques that I’ve mentioned which will help you remelt the wax. The boiling method is very good in my opinion. You can also add other oils and waxes to improve the fragrance and create new ones.

And, the benefits of using remelted wax are endless. Like having fun with your family, creating new mixtures, and learning to recycle. So, I hope you have all the answers you need and much more. I deeply thank you for reading till the end. I’ll see you on the next topic. Till then, stay safe and enjoy remelting waxes!

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