Do Candles Need To List Ingredients? (Label Requirements)

Are you a candle maker and looking to sell your candles? Are you wondering if you need to list the ingredients you used on the packaging? It’s time to explore what you need and what you don’t need when it comes to labeling your candles and if you need to provide an ingredient list.

You are not required by law to list the ingredients in your candles. There is, however, certain information you must include on your candle if you are selling it, however, it is not imperative that you include the ingredients used.

There is important information that is required to be stated on candles, but the ingredients are not one of them. Continue to read and find out more about what you need to list on your candles and what the best practices are.

Your Candle Does Not Need The List Of Ingredients Used

If you are selling candles, you do not need to provide your ingredient list on the packing. You can do so if you wish, however it is not compulsory.

In today’s society, many people are becoming more conscious of what is in the food they eat and the products that they use. Using eco-friendly and plant-based products is becoming increasingly popular.

Therefore, if you have created a candle that ticks those boxes, it would be a great idea to include the ingredients on your candle, as this will enable the buyer to make an informed and happy decision.

From this, we can see that it would be beneficial for you to include the ingredients, to not only be transparent in what you have produced, but it could also save you time from dealing with product inquiries. It is ultimately up to you if you decide how, or if you will list your candle ingredients.

Fair Packaging And Labeling Guidelines for Selling Candles

When selling candles, there are legal and industry requirements that must be included in your packing. This was set in motion after companies were caught deceiving customers. Therefore, there needed to be some transparency with products customers were buying.

These regulations help buyers know what is in the product, know important information about the product, and allow them to compare it with similar products when making a purchase decision. They help both the consumer and the business.

Let’s explore what the fair packaging and labeling guidelines are for candles.

What Labels You Need On A Candle

Here is a table showing the three labels that a candle must have if it is being sold to the public.

Types Of Labels You Will Find On A Candle

Outer ContainerPrimary LabelSafety Label
This is a label on the candle vessel. It is not associated with shipping at all but is also known as the package. It can appear as a decorative box.This is a label that is connected to the candle vessel which contains information about the candle. It is also known as the principal display panel.This label states safety information and the hazards that can occur by using the candle.
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Let’s dive deeper into what is required on the primary label and the safety label.

The Primary Label Requirements For Candles

Here are the three things you must include on your primary label.

What The Product Is

The primary label must state what the product is. For example, a candle is different from a wax melt or a soap. You can decide how descriptive you want it to be, but you need to at least state that it is a candle somewhere on the label. Mentioning what type of candle could make the buyer get more clarification and make a clear decision if it is for them.

Business Name And Location

You also must state your business name and location. You need to state the city, state, and zip code, however, it is optional to state your street address. This is not only a requirement but is also beneficial for your business. You could design a beautiful and eye-catching logo stating your business name and location, which can help with marketing your candle business.

Net Weight Of The Candle

You must state the net weight of the candle near the bottom of the label. It must be clear and visible to read. It needs to be on the lower 30% of the primary label. There is a minimum font size that can be used and this can be calculated once knowing the display panel size.

The net weight is the amount of wax there is, including the wick, but not including the candle vessel or packaging. You must use the metrics in ounces or grams, as candles are semi-solid items. You are not permitted to describe the weight, such as using words like heavy, hand-poured, or extra big next to the net weight number.

Stating the net weight of the candle will allow the consumer to know exactly what they are getting. It is clear how big the candle is without the added packing and extra materials. The buyer can then compare prices with other candles that have the same net weight.

Safety Label Requirements

Candles need to have a safety label as they are considered to be a thermal hazard. They need to have instructions for use and cautionary material.

Warning And Caution

These labels need to have the signal word WARNING on them as well as the following statements: burn within sight, keep away from things that cause fire, and keep away from children. They need to be stated in that exact order using text or text and pictograms.

You can place the safety label anywhere on the candle vessel, plus it is needed on any packing that is displayed in stores that the candle may be in so the consumer can easily see and ready the safety label. It can be attached to a tag if it cannot be placed on the box or particular packing material.

If you are selling wholesale candles, there are different rules around the labels, as the wholesaler may want to put their own labels on them to sell.

Things You Should Add To Your Candle Labels

State What Scent It Is

Stating what oils or fragrances are used will be important, as that is one of the main things a buyer wants to know. They may be looking specifically for a particular scent or they may want unscented candles.

Therefore, stating what scent the candle is can be very beneficial for the business and the customer to avoid confusion or disappointment as well as make the buying process easier.

State The Type Of Wax

The type of wax used can be very important for a buyer. They may be after an eco-friendly or plant-based candle, and therefore, by having it listed on the packaging, the buyer can quickly know if it is what they are after.

It can be frustrating for the consumer to have to try to figure it out for themselves or be in the dark about what is in it. They will most likely move on to another brand, which is clear and transparent in the candle type. Customers also have the right to know what they will be burning and inhaling in their homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Label Materials Do I Use For Candles?

Your labels will need to be able to handle high heat. Therefore, biaxially oriented polypropylene is a great option as it can deal with temperatures up to 300°F.

Final Words

A candle for sale is not required to list the ingredients it contains, however it is highly beneficial to do so to please the consumer. The best practice would be to not only provide the requirements but also to add the ingredients used, the wax type, and what scent it is.

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