Do Soy Candles Expire? (How to Tell If Candle Has Expired)

For decorating your rooms, living space, and home in general, soy candles come in handy considerably. Soy candles are one of the most widely bought candles. If you have come across soy candles in your nearest candle store, boutique, or home décor shop, you may be wondering- do soy candles expire? It is one of the most typically asked questions about soy candles.

Soy candles can expire. However, there’s more to this question than a simple, short answer. Unlike food items or organic components, the shelf-life of soy candles can extend up to a considerable amount of time. They do not spoil like one might anticipate, even if they cross the expiration date.

Soy candles are one of the most popularly bought items for candle shopping. Yet, there are many unexplored topics about soy candles. Many of us lack the required knowledge and understanding about these beautiful items that add an aura of beauty and sophistication to our homes. You must be equipped with the appropriate knowledge about soy candles.

Expiration And Shelf Life of Soy Candles

Soy candles can expire within a year or two. Often, the candle will come with an expiration date. However, soy candles do not behave the same way organically, and natural components do to their shelf-life. Even after crossing the expiration date, soy candles can last up to another year or two. However, the storage method largely contributes to their preservation.

Luxury candles like soy candles add a touch of both beauty and sophistication to your home. The look and aura of a soy candle bring a beautiful atmosphere to your room. Many people are interested in collecting various candles just because of the pleasure they add to the home. So, for candle collectors and enthusiasts, the expiration and shelf life of soy candles is a significant factor.

One of the softer wax variants is soy wax. They are naturally very delicate and fragile. Hence, a significant amount of care is needed to handle and store the soy waxes. Usually, soy wax candles are suitable for use for a time frame of 1 year to 2 years. You can still use the candles after that period. Still, the effectiveness of the soy candles may have diminished highly by then.

How long the soy candles may last will depend on multiple correlative factors. As a general rule of thumb, people determine the expiry of soy candles to be around two years. In fact, the expiration and shelf life will largely depend on the quality of soy wax used to make the soy candle. At the same time, how the candle was stored also affects the expiry of the candle.

A significant factor that determines the expiration and shelf-life of the soy candle is the burn time of candle. After the candle is ignited, the number of times it is used to burn is known as the burn time of the candle. Generally, for an average 12 oz soy candle, the burn time will be approximately 80 hours. The burn time determines the shelf-life significantly.

Finally, to sum up, yes, it is very likely that your soy candle will expire. There are many signs to tell if the candle has expired or not. In contrast, the soy candle can still function after it crosses its expiration date. You can upgrade the shelf life by storing the candles correctly, using high-quality wax in the making, and ensuring a limited burn time of the candle.

How To Know If Your Candle Has Expired

For both candle collectors and regular users of soy candles, knowing about the signs that show that your candle has expired is very important. You can tell that your soy candle has passed by checking its overall performance and effectiveness. The general signs of expiration in soy candles include faded scent, discoloration, and difficulty lighting or burning the candle.

Soy candles are a great addition to quickly light up your home with beauty and elegance. But when it fails to do so, you can check them for expiration. It is highly essential that you learn all about the techniques to tell if your candle has expired. Otherwise, you will get almost no results from burning your favorite soy candles.

In addition to that, expired candles can form hazardous candle soot. This can be very dangerous for you to be around. If you see black soot forming on the candle, avoid using that candle. Black soot can occur in your candles when the candle goes through an incomplete combustion process. An expired candle can create such a mess by disrupting the balance.

To identify if your favorite soy candles have expired, first of all, check for the scent throw. Generally, there should be two types of scent thrown for the candle- the cold scent throws and the hot scent throws. If you find that neither of the smell works like before, your candle has likely expired.

At the same time, many soy candles come in varieties of colors, shades, and combinations. It is improbable that the coloring of the wax will fade on its own. If you see that the paint of your soy candle has faded, then it is a sign of expiration. So, make sure to check for discoloration to identify whether your soy candles have expired or not.

If your soy candles are stored for a long time and are having difficulty staying lit, then it is possible that they have expired. Having difficulty lighting the soy candle or burning it is one of the significant signs of candle expiration. This can happen due to damaged candlewick or overall quality drop-down of the soy wax present in the soy candle.

There can be other signs of damage and expiration in the candles. Make sure to check the overall performance of the soy candles to determine if they have expired or not. Thus, by identifying these critical signs, you can tell if your favorite soy candles have expired or if they are still effective for use.

How To Store Soy Candles Long-Term?

Storing soy candles for long-term use is an essential knowledge that all candle collectors and enthusiasts of candles must acquire. There are multiple options available to store soy candles for the long term. But the general guidelines for soy candle storing include keeping the candles in a cold and dry place. This place should be away from direct contact with heat.

One of the most effective forms of storing candles is to wrap them properly before putting them away. This will save the candles from outside contamination. At the same time, the scent throw of the candle will also stay protected. As a result, you will be able to preserve the soy candles for a long time. You will also get the best results from burning the candles.

You can use zip-up bags, plastic containers, or specialized bags for storing candles. Make sure that the candles are stored in a place that is constantly dry and cold. The soy wax should not soften or melt in any way. Thus, by following these procedures, you can effectively store your soy candles for the long term.


Soy candles are one of the must-have items in your home. It instantly lights up your home and adds a touch of sophistication to the environment. You may wonder- do soy candles expire? With the proper knowledge, techniques, and guidelines, you can effectively increase the shelf life and longevity of soy candles. Hence, you can fully enjoy the beauty of soy candles!

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