Do You Need A Candle Holder For Pillar?

Pillar candles are not made in a vessel, therefore, you may wonder if you require a candle holder for them. Let’s look at what pillar candles are and what equipment can be used when using them.

You do not need a candle holder for a pillar candle. However, when burning your pillar candle, you would want a candle holder or a plate to keep the candle wax from dripping onto the surface of your table.

Pillar candles can be purely ornamental or they can be lit like any other type of candle for light and to create a great atmosphere in a space. Continue reading to discover more about pillar candles, how they are different, and what you need to know when using them.

Why You Do Not Need A Candle Holder For A Pillar Candle

A pillar candle is a candle that is standing alone from a vessel due to its hard wax. They are commonly tall and cylindrical shaped, however, they can come in many shapes and designs.

It is not a must to have a candle holder for your pillar candle, but if you are going to light it, you would want to use a holder or plate for the purpose of protecting the surface of your table. Hot wax can drip from the candle onto the surface it is placed upon, therefore to protect it, you would want something heatproof underneath the candle.

If you do not plan to light your pillar candles, instead just having them around your home for decoration, then a candle holder is not necessary. Therefore, we can see a candle holder is a great idea for you to use for the purpose of safety and protection.

Four Benefits Of Using A Candle Holder for Your Pillar Candle

There are many benefits of using a candle holder for your pillar candles. Here are the three main reasons why you should use a candle holder for your pillar candles.

  1. Keep The Surface Safe From Hot Wax

As a candle is lit, the wax heats up and melts. The melting will occur first around the wick, creating a small hot pool of wax. This will get bigger the longer the candle is lit for.

If the wax pool gets large and starts causing the wax to drip down the sides of the candle, this can be hazardous for the surface it is on. You can cause damage or even a fire if the surface is not suitable for hot substances.

For example, a table that has had hot wax on it may lose its color or have wax stuck to it, which can be difficult to remove. This is not beneficial for the surface of the table or for the candle being stuck against another object.

  1. They Provide A Beauty Decorative Ornament

There are many beautiful-looking candle holders that exist that will suit your home. Many colors, shapes, and designs can be used to decorate your own and create a certain atmosphere or style.

Therefore, candle holders are not only great for holding pillar candles but also for adding some design and creative flair to a room. Candle holders can be a beautiful ornamental feature as well as a practical source of light.

  1. Support The Candle In Staying Upright

Candle holders support a candle to stay upright and in position. Without a candle holder, a candle may appear wonky or tip over.

When a candle is lit, it can be dangerous to not have it in a candle holder as there is a chance it can fall over and cause a fire, whereas in a candle holder, the candle will be supported and remain in a fixed position.

  1. Easy To Move

A candle can be easier to move when it is in a candle holder. This is because when a candle has been lit, it can get hot and the holder will provide you with a structure to hold. Handling a hot candle with no candle holder can be a dangerous act.

Even if you are moving a candle when it is cold, it can be slippery and smooth so it can slip through your hands compared to being lifted from a stable candle holder.

From these benefits of using a candle holder, we can see how it can help not only the candle but also the area where your candle resides and also for your own safety. Without using a candle holder, we can see how the candle will ultimately be less unstable, unsafe when lit, and can be messy if the hot wax gets on your furniture.

The benefits of using a candle holder outweigh any disadvantages that may come with not using a candle holder. Therefore, although it is not necessary to have one, you may as well have one!

Wax To Use For Pillar Candles

The best wax to use for pillar candles is hard wax such as paraffin wax, beeswax, and palm wax. The hard wax enables the candle to hold its shape and does not require it to be in a container.

Pillar candles can be standalone and can also have the same benefits as other types of candles, such as being able to contain fragrance and be colored and shaped.

How To Burn A Pillar Candle

Pillar candles, when maintained properly, can be long-lasting, efficient candles. Follow these three simple steps when first lighting your pillar candle to ensure your pillar candle burns well.

Firstly, ensure the wick is trimmed, so it is a ¼ of an inch long. If it isn’t, then you can use wick cutters to trim the wick. For the first time burning it, burn it for one hour per diameter of the candle. For example, let a one-inch candle burn for one hour.

When the time is up, blow out the flame and allow it to cool. This will set you up for a good, even foundation when using the pillar candle. Whether your candle is store-bought or homemade, the first burn is the most important.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Candle Holders Made Out Of?

Pillar candle holders can be made from a variety of materials, such as metal, glass, or wood. It is up to you what you choose, but you may decide to coordinate your candle holder with the other materials you have in the room so it is cohesive.

What Can You Use Pillar Candles For?

Often pillar candles are used during special events, such as weddings, or in sacred places, such as a church. This is because they look elegant and beautiful as well as being a spiritual symbol.

However, you can use pillar candles wherever you like, such as in your living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

What Is The Ring Around A Candle To Catch The Wax Called?

Bobeche is the traditional name for a round, glass wax drip catcher. However, nowadays they can come in different materials and styles. These are used with candlesticks and pillar candles that are not in a vessel, but instead are standalone candles that need the wax to drip onto something. A great option to use if you do not want to use a candle holder or plate.

Final Words

You do not need a candle holder for your pillar candle. However, if you are lighting it, it would be best to use a candle holder or plate to avoid hot wax getting on the surface of the table. Protect your candle, the table, and yourself by using a candle holder unless you are not lighting them and only using the candles for decoration.

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