Do You Need A Wick Tab? (Or make candle without wick tabs?)

You may be wondering if a wick tab is necessary when candle-making. In this article, we will discuss what a wick tab is, why it is helpful to use one, and if you need to use one.

You do not need a wick tab, however; it is very helpful to use one. Using a wick tab will help make the candle-making process easier by keeping the wick secured and straight. If you do not use a wick tab, then your wick will move as you pour the wax into the jar and not allow all the wax to burn, as it will fall over as the flame gets to the bottom.

Wick tabs

There are many options to consider when it comes to candle-making and deciding what equipment to use. Let’s explore the candle-making process and the role wick tabs have and methods to create your own wick tab.

Is Using A Wick Tab Necessary When Making Candles?

Using a wick tab is not needed to make a candle. However, it will be very beneficial to the overall performance of the candle as well as make the candle-making process easier.

Wick tabs can be bought or homemade by using common materials. Let’s take a look at the reasons to use a wick tab and the different options that are available.

Why You Should Use Wick Tabs

It is highly recommended to use wick tabs if you want not only a more easeful process when candle making but also for the efficiency of the candle. Using a wick tab will enable you to keep the wick straight and secured as you pour the wax into the candle vessel.

If your wick tab is sitting nicely at the center and at bottom of the candle, it will allow all the wax to burn and also acts as a protection for the bottom of the jar as it does not allow the flame to touch the bottom of the candle vessel. Therefore, it allows you to use all the wax in the candle and not leave bits of unused wax in the candle.

What Happens If I Don’t Use A Wick Tab?

If you do not use a wick tab, this allows the wick to move when you pour the wax into the candle vessel therefore, the candle will not burn evenly and efficiently. The wick will also fall over when you get near the end of the candle, therefore not allowing all the wax to burn.

A wick tab is not required for a taper candle due to the way they are made, so this candle can be a perfect option to make if you do not want to make candles in a vessel that is best made using wick tabs.

We can see that if you just want a candle as a decoration in your home using a wick tab may not be necessary, however, if you do want a candle to use often, for it to be long-lasting and made in a vessel or jar, then using a wick tab will be a great idea.

What Wick Tabs Do I Use For Candle-Making?

Wick tabs can be bought from the store or they can be homemade by using different substances. Let’s discuss what wick tabs you can buy from the store and what your other options are.

Buying PreMade Wick Tabs

Wick tabs come in different sizes, shapes, and materials and what is used can depend on the material of the wick as well as the size of the candle vessel. The base comes in different sizes and the neck of the wick tab comes in different heights.

The most popular wick tab size is 15-20mm with a 6mm neck and most wick tabs are made of composite metals. Some wicks come attached to a wick tab while you can buy them separately.

Homemade Wick Tabs

If you do not have wick tabs that you have bought, you do have the ability to make your own at home. Let’s explore some unique ways of making your own wick tab at home.

Ways To Make Your Own Wick Tabs

Hot Glue (High Temperature)Heat resistant and secureYou will need a glue gun and ensure it is for high-temperature glue as standard glue will move in the candle vessel.
Melting WaxConvenientWill melt with the candle and it is not the safest method as it can move in the candle vessel.
Cut Aluminum CansSame material as many wick tabs at storesMore time consuming and you will need to have the tools to cut the cans safely but is a great material to use
Use The Tab from A CanSame material as many wick tabs at storesAll you need to do is tie the wick to the tab.
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Wick Stickers For Holding Down Your Wick Tabs

Wick stickers are used to place your wick tab on so it can stick to the bottom of the candle vessel. Wick stickers are heat-resistant and easy to use, as all you need to do is peel the picker and apply it to the base of the wick tab.

You do not need to use wick stickers for your wick tabs, but they will be beneficial in keeping the wick tab in place compared to using glue or another substance.

What Are Wick Holders?

You can buy wick holders which are different from wick tabs. Wick holders are placed on top of your candle vessel and you put your wick through it to hold it in place during the wax pouring and setting process.

You can use a wick holder with your wick tabs to provide extra support to keep the wick secure and straight. You may also decide to use a wick holder if you are not using wick stickers to keep the wick base attached to the bottom of the candle vessel.

You may use a wick holder to replace the use of a wick tab. However, if you do this, you will still have the issue of the wick falling over when the candle gets to the bottom and no safety protection at the bottom of the candle to protect the vessel.

You can buy a wick holder on Amazon here:

Frequently Asked Question

Are There Wick Tabs For Wood Wicks?

There are wick tabs made for wood wicks to use for candle making. They are also generally made out of metals and they have a more square or rectangle shape with an area where you can slide the wood wick into to keep it stable and straight.

Can You Reuse Wick Tabs?

You can reuse wick tabs by first removing them from the old candle jar. You will need to heat or warm the candle vessel so you can get the wick tab loose. Once you have it out, you can then crimp a new wick into the old wick tab. You can then place and secure it into a new or old candle vessel.

Final Words

Overall, using wick tabs for candle making is very much a safer and more efficient option compared to not using them. They will make the candle-making process go more smoothly as well as create a long-lasting and safe candle to keep in your home. If you are not using wick tabs, then it is important that you know the risks.

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