Do You Take The Plastic Off Pillar Candles

Have you bought a pillar candle, and it had plastic wrapped around it? Did you wonder if you are supposed to take it off or keep it on? In this article, you will learn what to do about this plastic and when to keep it on or take it off.

You need to take the plastic off pillar candles before you light them or else the plastic will melt or catch fire. However, if you are only using the pillar candles as decoration and do not want to light the candle, then you can keep the plastic on the candle.

Many store-bought candles come wrapped in plastic, so let’s explore what to do and why they come wrapped in plastic in the first place. Find out all that you need to know next time you find yourself with a candle that has been wrapped in plastic.

Taking The Plastic Off Pillar Candles

It is important to take the plastic off your pillar candle if you are going to light it. Keeping the plastic on the candle while lit can cause the plastic to melt while on the candle and may also cause a fire.

Just because your candle is bought or delivered covered in plastic, it is not meant to be used in that way. The plastic is to protect the candle only. It is not safe to burn your candle with plastic on it therefore, you would only keep the plastic wrap on your pillar candle if it is for decorative use only or if you are saving it to use at another time.

To take the plastic off your pillar candle, all you need to do is get some scissors and cut down the plastic so you can remove it fully from the candle. It is not difficult to remove the plastic and it will take under a minute to do so.

Why Some Pillar Candles Come Wrapped In Plastic

Some pillar candles come wrapped in plastic to keep the candle looking its best. The purpose of the plastic is just for presentation purposes and to keep the candle protected from potential marks or scratches in the candle during delivery and while it is presented on shelves in stores.

Although pillar candles are a hard wax, they can still get dented and marked by objects and people handling them. Pillar candles are not protected by a vessel like other candles therefore, they are bare and are more susceptible to damage.

To ensure the pillar candle isn’t damaged in any way, the wrap can give it an extra coating of protection from people touching it and making marks on the wax, avoiding dust being built up on the wax and keeping it safe during delivery.

Why You Might Keep The Plastic On Your Candle

The main reason why someone would keep the plastic wrap on their pillar candle and not take it off is that they do not plan to use the candle. If the candle is not going to be lit and used, then the plastic can stay on.

It would be up to personal preference whether you like the look of the shiny plastic on the candle or if you prefer to take it off and have a more natural look. You may also decide to keep the plastic on to keep the dust off it or if you are waiting to use it for another time or for a special occasion.

Other Types Of Wrapping You May Find Your Candle In

As well as being wrapped with plastic, your candle may come packaged in other forms of protection and materials. These can include:

  • Plastic or cardboard boxes
  • Cellophane
  • Paper
  • Fabric
  • A mix of materials

These materials may be wrapped around covering the whole candle or there may be a thin strip around the candle or just on one side. Some packing may be eco-friendly and on the minimal side and some may have a lot of wrapping or protection to them. It is up to the candlemaker how they decide to present their candles.

As pillar candles do not have a decorative vase to add to the presentation of the candle, this is where the wrapping of the candle can add some design and color to the candle. Beautifully wrapped candles can be great as gifts.

There are also candles that you can buy that have no covering, just the plain candle. This can be the case when you are buying candles in bulk. They will most likely be all packaged together in a tray instead of being individually wrapped. You can purchase pillar candles in bulk on Amazon.

No matter how much packaging is over the candle or what the material may be, ensure you remove it before using the candle. The candles you buy may come with safety instructions, which include taking the plastic wrapping off before use.

What Are The Differences Between Pillar Candles And Taper Candles?

You may not know the differences between pillar and taper candles. Let’s see the main differences between them.

The Main Differences Between Pillar Candles And Taper Candles

Pillar CandlesTaper Candles
Width Of The CandleThey are thick and sturdyThey are long and thin
Number Of WicksSome pillar candles have multiple wicks in them due to their sizeTaper candles only have one wick
Does It Need A Candle StandPillar candles can stand alone without a candle standTaper candles need a stand as they can’t stand on their own
Variety Of SizesPillar candles come in a variety of widths and heights. They can be very tall but also shorter and have different thicknesses.All taper candles have a standard size, being thin and long however the length can vary.


From this table, we can see that there are some key differences between the pillar candle and the taper candle. However, they are similar in the fact that they both are not secured in a vessel and they both have to be made out of hard wax in order to keep their shape and be durable.

Therefore, if you are trying to pick what type of candle to get between the two, choose a taper candle if you definitely want to use a candle holder and prefer the look of thinner candles or choose the pillar candle if you want a standalone candle that is thick and sturdy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Pillar Candle?

Pillar candles are very popular and have been around for a long time. A pillar candle is a tall, solid candle that is not in a vessel. Just like all candles, pillar candles are made of hard wax with a wick through the middle. You light the wick to provide a steady flame and light.

Do Pillar Candles Make A Mess?

Pillar candles are not contained in a vessel therefore, wax can drip down the sides of the candle. This is where you can use a wax drip catcher or wax plate to avoid any mess.

Final Words

To conclude, many pillar candles will come wrapped in plastic for protection and presentation purposes. However, it is important that when you are about to use the candle, you first take off the plastic to avoid it melting or starting a fire. If you are not going to use the candle, then you can leave the plastic on if you wish. Enjoy using your pillar candle!

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