How Long Do You Stir Fragrance Oil Into Wax?

The aroma of a scented candle can soothe and calm your mind. If you are interested in making your own aromatic candles, you obviously have many questions. From the amount of fragrance oil to correctly mixing with wax, there is a lot to think about. For example, beginners often wonder: how long do you stir fragrance oil into wax?

Mixing the fragrance oil thoroughly with the candle wax is crucial for a strong scent throw. So, you should mix the fragrance oil with the wax for about 2 to 5 minutes to bond them together. 

Fragrance Oil adding to wax

It is not the only factor you should be concerned about. You should also learn how much fragrance oil you should mix with the candle wax and when to mix. In this article, you will learn more about adding fragrance oil to candle wax. 

How To Add Fragrance Oil To Your Candle? 

Many factors influence the making of candles that burn perfectly giving off a powerful aroma. Many beginners ignore the details of adding fragrance oil, which results in candle failure. 

A perfectly made candle will produce a nice cold and hot scent throw. It means the candle not only produces an amazing smell while burning but also gives a nice smell in the cold state. 

If you want to craft such candles, choose the right wax type and your preferred fragrance oil in the ideal amount. 

Now, here are some factors you need to consider crafting perfectly scented candles:

Consider the type of Fragrance You Want from the Candle

When you choose a scent for candles, you will find a wide range of options. So, it is better to choose a scent wisely. First, consider why you are making the candles. Is it for personal use or selling purposes?

If you are making candles for yourself, you can go for a fragrance oil, which appeals more to your senses. The aroma of the scented candle can soothe and calm your mind. It can be perfect for a therapeutic bath, meditation, or romantic dinner. 

When it is for business, choose a popular fragrance among people. Do a bit of research for that. You will want to sell your candles. So, it is better to choose a scent that your potential customers may prefer. 

Both natural and synthetic fragrance oils are available in the market. The most popular scents for candles are lavender, rose, honeysuckle, gardenia, jasmine, hyacinth, banana, orange, blueberry, cherry, strawberry, coconut, sandalwood, pine, mint, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and clove.

There are many other fragrance oils available suitable for candle making. 

Determine the Amount of Fragrance Oil For Wax

Many beginners think much about the ideal ratio of fragrance oil and wax. Just because you love a strong smell does not mean you can add fragrance oils as much as you want. Wax has a limited capacity for containing fragrance oil. Generally, wax can contain 6% to 12% of fragrance oil load. 

Adding too much fragrance oil can cause a serious fire hazard. Fortunately, you do not have to add more than 10% fragrance oil to have a strong aroma from your aromatic candle. 

So, your second step in adding fragrance oil to the candle wax is to determine how strong you want it to smell. If you want a mild scent from the candles, you can add 6% of the fragrance oil load to the wax and, for a strong scent, go for 10%. It is better to stay below 12% even if the wax can hold that much.

For example, if you want to make a 300-gram candle and add an 8% fragrance oil load, the amount of fragrance oil you will need is 300 grams X 8% = 24grams of fragrance oil. 

The scent of the candle also depends on the thickness of the fragrance oil. Some fragrance oil can give off a strong scent throw with a small amount; others may require a considerable amount. 

Ideal Temperature Of The Wax For Adding Fragrance Oil 

Adding fragrance oil to the wax at the right temperature matters a lot. You will not get your desired result if you mix the fragrance oil in the wax that is too cold or hot. For the best result, mix fragrance oil when the wax temperature reaches 185 degrees F no matter what the flashpoint of the fragrance oil is. 

A lot of beginners get overly concerned about the flashpoint of fragrance oils. Fragrance oils usually have a flashpoint of 114 degrees F to 200 degrees F. It means they will ignite when they come in contact with direct flame. They think that the oil will burn off if they get mixed with wax having more temperature than their flashpoint. 

But this is actually not true. The fragrance oil will not combust because hot wax is not as hot as an open flame. Besides, the amount of fragrance oil you will add is not enough to cause a fire hazard. The fragrance oil may vaporize a bit, but it will remain in the candle wax. 

Depending on the type of wax, most of them should be heated at 180 to 200 degrees F for the fragrance oils to mix up evenly. Heat the candle wax over 245 degrees F, and you will find the oil cannot bond with the wax. The scent will also lose its smell. 

Again, if you add the fragrance to coolly melted wax, the fragrance will not mix and accumulate in the bottom. No matter how long you stir, the wax and fragrance oil will not bond together. Therefore, you must learn the ideal temperature of your candle wax to add scent. 

Adding Fragrance Oil into Candle Wax

As you can understand, you have to boil candle wax to an ideal temperature to mix the fragrance oil. Use a thermometer to check the temperature of the wax. After you reach the temperature, stir the wax with a wooden stick. The candle wax should be clear and thick in texture. 

You may heat the wax too long and reach more than the ideal temperature. In that case, keep stirring the wax to cool it down to 185 degrees F. Once you are there, add your fragrance oil and keep stirring. Continue it for at least 2 to 5 minutes until the fragrance oil completely blends in with the wax.

Mix well, but do not stir too fast. It may splash and burn you. Besides, splashing might cause bubbles to rise in the wax. 

When you finish mixing, the wax is ready. Pour it into a candle frame/pot/glass and attach a wick. After cooling down, the candle wax will turn firm and cloudy. 

Reasons Fragrance Oil and Candle Wax May Not Mix

Apart from not stirring well and temperature issues, there might be other reasons your fragrance oil may not blend with the wax. By avoiding these causes, you can craft your perfect scented candles. 

Here are some reasons fragrance oil may not mix with wax:

  • High Amount of Fragrance Oil: Typically, wax can hold a 6% to 12% fragrance oil load. If you add fragrance oil more than the capacity of the wax, it will not mix. So, learn about the fragrance oil holding capacity of the candle wax you will use. 
  • Expired or Low-Quality Fragrance Oil: Fragrance oil will expire, and the chemical of the oil changes. Thus, it may not mix with the wax as it should.
  • Bad Combination of Wax and Fragrance Oil: Sometimes, the wax and the fragrance oil you choose just are not compatible. The texture and smell may not blend with the wax. 


By now, hopefully, you have understudied how long you stir fragrance oil into the wax and when you should mix it. Fragrance oils have a texture and smell that can easily blend with wax.

With the correct temperature and techniques, you can make the best aromatic candles.  

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