How To Cure Candles Faster? [Full Guide]

The term “candle curing” refers to the length of time it takes for a candle to cure before it burns. If you don’t cure the candles for enough time, it might reduce the quality of your candle. However, since the process is quite long, you might want to know how to cure candles faster. This article will help you in this regard.

To cure candles faster, you must be careful with the temperature at which you add the fragrance oil. Adding the fragrance at the proper temperature, selecting the appropriate type of wax, and storing the container in a cool place can help speed up the process.

candles prepared for curing

Not all types of wax require the same amount of time for curing. In this article, I will discuss the curing times of different waxes along with a few tips to make the process faster. So, let’s get into it!

How Long Does It Take To Cure Candles?

The candle curing time greatly depends on the type of wax you are using for making it. Generally, the process takes around three to four weeks to complete. However, three days seems to be the minimum curing time. But one to two weeks is ideal, particularly for organic waxes like coconut and soy.

Well, if you’re a candlemaker, you’re probably well aware of the various curing periods for various waxes. These may not be, however, scientifically verified timeframes. So, now, let’s discuss how long it might take to cure candles depending on the wax type for your convenience:

Paraffin Candles

Paraffin is a tougher wax. Thus, paraffin candles take less time to cure. You won’t need to add much fragrance oil to this type of candle. However, you will have to pour two times for almost 100 percent paraffin column candles.

The candles must remain in the container for a minimum of one day to solidify. Besides, before handling, you must cure the paraffin candles after adding fragrance for around two days.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles may take anything from three to seven days to cure. These waxes are denser and have a lower scent content. As a result, the time required for the fragrance to diffuse inside the beeswax is not too long. The wax is likewise all-natural and combines well with fragrance oils.

Coconut Wax Candles

Well, manufacturers create coconut candle wax by combining coconut meat with paraffin mixtures to produce a tougher wax. However, these candles require a curing time of around three to seven days, just like the previous ones. Besides, they have an average scent load of around 8%, occasionally higher.

Gel Wax Candles

Gel candles, unlike wax candles, are created with a petroleum component. The good news is that you won’t need to cure the candle after putting the fragrance on the hot gel and it has cooled.

Soy Wax Candles

You must cure soy candles for one to two weeks before burning them. The candles must not be subjected to extreme heat and light throughout this time. And, you must also cover them with a lid. The minimal curing time is three days. But I won’t recommend this because it might decrease the quality of the candle.

Why Is It Necessary To Cure Candles?

Candles must cure to ensure that the aroma and essential oils you are using are equally distributed all across the wax. Moreover, curing also seals the oils in the wax, extending the fragrance’s longevity and improving its throw.

Well, you can’t consider the candles shelf-stable or sellable if you don’t cure them. Here are a few reasons why it is necessary to cure candles:

  • Scent Throw

Curing the candles will make a difference in the scent. The aroma throw increases whenever the wax hardens and binds the oil within the candle. So, the hot throw gains a range of benefits from curing.

  • Burn Quality

The candle will burn when someone pours in and ignites the candle right away. That burn, on the other hand, will not reveal how it might burn after a few weeks. However, the candle will burn differently if you give it a chance to cure.

  • Improved Scent Quality

Curing candles prolongs their lifespan as well as improves the quality of their aroma. You may light the candle just after pouring it, and it will probably smell nice. However, it doesn’t mean the fragrance oil has been trapped within the wax completely.

The stiffening of the wax requires a while to seal in the fragrant oils. So, if you want your candle to last longer and have a wonderful scent, never skip the curing part while making candles.

Tips On Curing Candles Faster

No matter how important the candle curing process is, it might be frustrating to wait a long time. So, the following are a few tips to help cure candles faster:

1. Choose The Wax Type Carefully

As I mentioned earlier, not every type of wax requires the same amount of time to cure. So, picking a wax that will take less time to cure is the smartest way if you don’t want to spend much time on curing.

You can opt for gel wax since it takes the least time to cure. However, you can also use paraffin wax to make your candles as it also takes less time for the curing process to complete.

2. Add the Fragrance when the Temperature Is Just Right

If you add the fragrance at the right temperature, it will help it bind with the wax easily. Also, it will give you a greater aroma. Irrespective of the fragrance oil’s flashpoint, add it to the wax at 185 degrees Fahrenheit (source). It is the ideal temperature for the wax and oil to mix, making the curing process faster.

However, the temperature might vary based on the wax type. So, be sure to do proper research before starting the candle-making process.

3. Stir Constantly

It is also crucial to stir continuously for a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes. If you stir the fragrance oil for a brief time, it will not bond to the wax. As a consequence, the oil may settle to the bottom of the wax, resulting in a weak aroma. On the other hand, if you stir for enough time, the curing process will also get faster.

4. Don’t Forget to Put the Lids

It is a must to put lids on the candles for the curing process. It will help the process be completed faster. Well, remember to allow the wax to completely solidify after you pour the candles. Then, cover it with a lid and store it for the curing process. However, before you place the lid, don’t forget to ensure it is cool and firm.

5. Keep the Container in a Box

You must ensure that the box is away from any direct sunlight throughout the curing process. So, when you are done securing the lid, keep the container in a box. It will keep it away from the light. As a result, the curing process will be smoother and faster.

6. Put It In a Cool Area

It is also important to store the containers in a cool, dry location to speed up the curing process. If you store the candle in an area where the temperature is too close to the melting point of the wax, it will take way longer than usual for it to cure. So, it is a must to store the box in a cool place to complete the curing process.

7. Don’t Use Too Much Fragrance Oil

The more fragrance oil you use, the more time it will take for the candle to cure. So, if you want the process to complete faster, decrease the amount of fragrance oil you add. Furthermore, choose fragrance oils that will help the process be completed soon.


By now, you’ve got an idea about how to cure candles faster. However, keep in mind that a minimum amount of curing time is necessary for a good quality candle. So, don’t be too impatient at this stage. Thanks for reading through. Good luck!

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