What Wax Does Jo Malone Use?

Jo Malone is a well-known luxury candle brand. You may be wondering what wax is used to create these popular candles. In this article, we will discuss everything about the Jo Malone candles! Learn the wax used, the candle-making process, and what makes these candles so special.

Jo Malone candles are made using a blend of qualitative waxes to create a custom blend. The exact types of waxes used in Jo Malone candles and their quantities are unknown to the public.

The candles that are created from the Jo Malone brand produce a visually aesthetic and gorgeous smelling fragrance. Let’s dive into the Jo Malone brand and discover the secret behind their popular candles.

How Jo Malone Candles Are Made

Jo Malone candles have been around since 1990 and have been enjoyed in many homes since that time. The candles not only look very aesthetically pleasing, but the candles are also long-lasting and well scented.

The Jo Malone candle brand has positioned itself as a luxury candle brand and its methodology, and particular blends are kept under lock and key. Let’s dive into the different components of their candles and what we know about them.

The Wax

Jo Malone candles are created using a blend of waxes. For each candle they make, the wax composition is unique. This is for the purpose of suiting the fragrance of the candle used to the particular cotton wick used.

It is Jo Malones’ intention to create a beautiful and stable burn from their candles. Therefore, we could assume that some plant-based waxes have been used in their blends.

According me and many people guesses Jo Malone is made from soy wax (from soybean oil)

The Wick

Jo Malone candles are not made in a rush but instead with care and patience. The wick in each candle is placed carefully by hand into the center of the candle.

The Fragrance

The fragrance they have curated is slowly mixed with the warm wax when it is at the optimum temperature. They slowly pour the candle wax into individual, warmed glass vessels with care. The candles are left to dry for seventy-two hours. Jo Malone candles use fragrance oils to get the perfume-like scent that they want to produce from their candles.

The most popular and best-selling scent of Jo Malone candles is the English Pear And Freesia. It smells both fruity and floral and is part of the home collection. Floral and fruity scents have always been popular fragrance scents, therefore it is no surprise that Jo Malone has created the perfect combination.

The Presentation

Jo Malone candles get heat applied to the surface of the candle to ensure the tops look perfect. They also ensure all their candle wicks are trimmed to 6mm. The candles are presented in a glass vessel, which has been polished and buffed and had a label applied by hand. A silver lid is placed on the top of the candle and a bow is attached.

From this, we can see how the wax, fragrance, wick, and presentation are key components of a successful and luxury candle brand.

3 Reasons Why Jo Malone Candles Are So Special

There are many reasons why Jo Malone candles are so popular and seem to have an extensive price tag. Here are three reasons why:

Excellent Quality Candles

Jo Malone candles are of the best quality. They say that each candle passes through sixteen pairs of skilled artisans’ hands. Care and time are taken to not only produce the candles but in each decision to determine what the best wax, fragrance, and wick to use will be.

Specialty Blend Of Wax

Jo Malone candles are created by using different waxes. They do not just offer a single wax candle but instead ensure that they blend different waxes to produce the best quality wax for the purpose of the candle. Their unique blend of wax creates a stable burn and works with the fragrances that are added.

Unique Range Of Fragrances

Jo Malone candles are known for their timeless scents. Their candles go through a fragrance development process, and they blend the fragrance slowly and at the correct time into a suitable wax blend. Their different candle collections showcase the amazing fragrances that they can come up with and then produce.

From these three reasons why Jo Malone candles are so special are popular, you can see that these are key aspects that a candle buyer is looking for when they go to purchase a new candle for their home or as a gift. Jo Malone candles tick all the boxes and will continue to be a popular candle brand moving forward as they create new fragrant and quality candles.

Jo Malone Candle Collections

Jo Malone has a range of different candle collections, each holding multiple different fragrance options. Let’s explore their collections and what makes them unique.

Home Candles

Jo Malone’s home candle range currently contains nine different scents designed to be perfect candles to keep in your home. Each home candle is 200 grams and burns for approximately 45 hours.

The scents in the home candle collection include Whiskey And Cedarwood, Myrrh And Tonka, Pomegranate, Lime Basil And Mandarin, Peony And Blush Suede, Orange Blossom Lace, Dark Amber And Ginger Lily, Wood Sage And Sea Salt, and English Pear And Freesia.

Townhouse Collection

Jo Malone’s townhouse candle range looks gorgeous. The candles come in ceramic vessels and were created with the purpose of capturing the scent of unique moments and characters. They have six different candle options in this range. Each townhouse candle is 300 grams and burns for approximately 70 hours.

The scents in the townhouse collection include Lilac Lavender and Lovage, Wild Berry And Bramble, Pastel Macaroons, Green Tomato Vine, Glowing Embers, and Fig And Cassis. You are able to buy all the fragrances in one pack as well.

Design Edition by Richard Quinn

Jo Malone’s design edition range was created to provide floral scents and come dressed in floral prints designed by Richard Quinn, a fashion designer.

This collection includes a single candle and two packs of two candles that have a wildflower fragrance or a fruity floral fragrance. The single candle is 300 grams and the packs contain two 200 gram candles.

Deluxe Candle

Jo Malone’s deluxe candle range includes seven different scents, all 600 grams. Some of these scents are a replica of the classic home candle range. However, in this collection, they have included layered candles. This is where different waxes of different scents have been layered, so you get multiple fragrances from one candle. They each burn for approximately 60 hours.

Luxury Candle

Jo Malone’s luxury candle range includes their biggest candles yet. They are 2.5kg each and contain scents from the home collection. The candles in the luxury collection can burn for approximately 220 hours.

Charity Candle

Jo Malone’s charity candle range was created for the purpose of supporting those who live with mental health conditions. For each candle in this collection that is sold in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Jo Malone makes a donation equal to 75% of the retail price.

They are 200g candles and burn for approximately 45 hours. The scents include Elderflower And Gooseberry, Lily of the Valley And Ivy, Peony And Moss, White Lilac And Rhubarb, and Iris And Lady Moore.

Travel Candle

Jo Malone’s travel candle collection is perfect if you want to bring a candle with you while traveling as they are only 60g. The range includes scents from the classic home collection. If you like little candles, you can cluster them together to create a beautiful table centerpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jo Malone Candles Made With Essential Oils?

Jo Malone candles are created using fragrant oils, not essential oils. This is because they want to create perfume-like scents for their candles.

What Type Of Wicks Are Used In Jo Malone Candles?

Jo Malone candles are made using cotton wicks.

Final Words

Jo Malone candles are made using a blend of waxes. The exact waxes and blends are unknown to the public as they keep their custom blends to themselves to continue producing top-quality candles. If you are after luxury candles, Jo Malone candles are the ones to pick!

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