Why Are Some Candles Outdoor Use Only?

Candles can create an inviting atmosphere in any situation, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. However, many people are unaware that not all candles are created equal; some are meant only for indoor usage, while others are intended for outdoor use. So why are some candles for outdoor use only?

Outdoor candles are made of a different type of wax that is harder and more suited to being outdoors. They can withstand both rain and wind. The wicks used for these candles are also weather-resistant. In contrast, indoor candles have a shorter life span since they burn at a higher temperature.

Burning outdoors candle

Outdoor candles also come in different shapes and sizes. For example, there are flameless candles that mimic the appearance of a genuine candle flame. These fire-free alternatives look fantastic and eliminate the risk of leaving an open flame unattended.

But these aren’t the only distinctions of outdoor candles. Please keep reading to learn more about them!

Why Regular Candles Shouldn’t Be Used Outside?

Candles these days are very sensory-appealing and fun. Candles’ soft light makes a home feel cozy and fragrances the air around. Unfortunately, these goods that provide comfort are usually unhealthy for your household. Commonly found candles can be a huge source of indoor air pollution.

Candles, commonly seen in homes, contribute to indoor air pollution by creating invisible particles and dispersing particulate matter. These particles contaminate your house or workplace’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. According to scientific research, there is a relationship between these particles and cancer.

Most candles are made of paraffin wax. It is a kind of wax that comes from petroleum. It is not a very good wax to use because it makes a lot of smoke. Paraffin is usually made by taking the leftover wax from oil and heating it to make it soft. It is then mixed with chemicals and bleached to be used in candles. 

As a consequence, paraffin-based candles emit smoke and soot. Pollutants are released into the air by even unscented, dye-free paraffin candles. Fortunately, there are alternatives to these. There are flameless candles available that give all you need without the risk of an open fire.

They’re great for special occasions with children and pets. You may even use them outside because most of them are weatherproof.

Or you can go with eco-friendly candles that are made of beeswax, citronella, or soy candles. Nonetheless, if you’re curious about your candles, always check their ingredients.

What Makes Outdoor Candles Special?

There are some special quirks of outdoor candles that make them better for outdoor use rather than regular candles. Let’s check them out.

Better For Outdoor Activities

Outdoor candles are distinctive for a number of reasons. To start with, they emit a bright light that can be seen from a distance. This is why they are often used for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Additionally, the flame from an outdoor candle can be used to ward off wild animals or insects. So, they can come in pretty handy when used during an outdoor party.

Outdoor candles can also provide ambiance. They can set the mood for an outdoor dinner party or create a romantic atmosphere. If you want to renovate your backyard or just arrange for a social event, some strategically placed lighting might help.

They Are Safer

Flameless candles are battery-operated candles with an LED light that mimics the appearance of a genuine candle flame.

Some outdoor candles produce a particular type of smoke that also helps to ward off bugs. The flame from a candle is not attractive to mosquitoes and other bugs, so they will stay away from where the candle is burning.

So whenever you’re having a yard party or an evening barbecue, outdoor candles can help get rid of these problems. Not to mention their most basic task, lighting up the surroundings. Indoor candles can’t effectively do this.

Weather Resistant

Outdoor candles aren’t for the summertime only. Yes, there might be rain, but still, these seasons offer many possibilities for great outdoor evenings. When hosting an upcoming barbecue or other gatherings, you will want to be covered from all angles.

That means you’ll need to provide things to ensure your guests are warm and cozy when temperatures dip at night.

Simultaneously, you need to account for situations where it may be sunny during the day but still chilly enough to warrant additional layers when it gets dark out! Nevertheless, outdoor candles are your friend.

The Materials Used

The type of wax used to make indoor and outdoor candles is the fundamental distinction. Paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum, is commonly used in indoor candles.

Longer Lifespan

Then there is the lifespan. Indoor candles have a shorter life span since they burn at a higher temperature. Their waxes have a low melting point. Therefore, they can quickly produce a lot of heat and release harmful fumes when burned. In contrast, waxes with a high melting point are better suited for outdoor use.

To endure fluctuations in temperature and humidity, outdoor candles are created with a higher paraffin blend. They also contain a higher concentration of essential oils and feature a weather-resistant design.

Produces More Smoke

Outdoor candles might also burn hotter or produce more smoke, which would cause a smoke alarm to go off. This makes them unsuitable for indoor use.

Scented outdoor candles produce more smoke when compared to non-scented candles. Thus, they can lead to poor air quality if used indoors.

They Have Cotton Wicks

Outdoor candles also have different wicks. Candles using wicks made of cotton are usually recommended for outdoor use as they will come into contact with more air and wind. On the other hand, indoor candles come with plastic wicks.

Common Types Of Outdoor Candles

There are many types of outdoor candles. Despite this, candles can be superficially classified into two types. The first is a specially made candle to be used outdoors. The second type is indoor candles that can be used outside in certain conditions.

Outdoor candles should have some weatherproof coating to avoid getting damaged by water or wind when left out for long periods. They are usually votive candles with a glass dome over the top, so they don’t get wet if it rains. The glass dome lets air in, so the candle doesn’t go out if there’s no wind.

Some common outdoor candles are tiki torches, citronella candles, and lanterns. Tiki torches are made of metal or bamboo and have a wick that is set on fire. They are often used to light up an outdoor area or to keep bugs away. Citronella candles are made of wax and have a citrus smell. They are used to repel mosquitoes and other bugs.

Lanterns are made of metal or plastic and have a candle inside. They are often used to light up an outdoor area or to hang from a tree. Then there are flameless candles.

Others include candle stakes and tealight candles. Candle stakes are perfect for adding a touch of ambiance to your garden or patio. Tealight candles are small, affordable, and perfect for emergencies.


Be it a light, breezy day, or a windy night. It doesn’t matter if the temperature is 20 degrees or 65 degrees in the summer. Whatever the weather is outside, we can still enjoy outdoor settings by using outdoor candles to create an ambiance at night.

This article delved into why some candles are outdoor use only. Hopefully, by now, you know the reasons. And as always, follow general safety guidelines to make candles a fun part of your life.

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