Choose The Best Candle Wax For Silicone Molds

Choosing the right wax for your candles is often challenging, especially if you do not have much knowledge about wax. To the naked eye, all waxes look similar. But truth be told, there are several types of wax with different origins and functions. Silicone molds are the best shapers for candles. But now, you have to know the best candle wax for silicone molds!

When it comes to silicone molds, the best kind of wax to work with is beeswax. They have several benefits over other types of wax and can fit into your molds just perfectly.

Candle Wax For Silicone Mold

Of course, candles can change the ambiance of any place with the mystic lights they emit and the sweet aroma they spread! It is really easy to make these beauties on your own at home. However, you must first determine which candle wax is best for you and why. So, to analyze all these facts, please read the entire article.

Can The Wax Type Affect The Candles You Make?

The wax you choose has a lot to do with the outcome of the candle. Most people would think any wax would fit into a candle. But that’s absolutely not right. The wax type you choose affects the function of your candle and its longevity.

You can better understand this if you look at a more comparative discussion of different wax types. All waxes are different in their structure, chemical orientation, functions, etc. So, read the next part to find out in detail!

Paraffin Wax

The first and most common wax that comes to our minds is paraffin wax. Chemically, it is just what its name says. It is just a load of paraffin wax molded into various shapes. Paraffin is an organic substance. Basically, they are hydrocarbons with very high melting and boiling point.

Paraffin looks good when it forms candles. They can be opaque or transparent, depending on your combination. They are also great at absorbing colors and fragrances. However, the time for its burning is less than other kinds of vegetable waxes. Moreover, they can take wonderful shapes in silicone molds. So, you will produce some very beautiful candles!

The largest source of paraffin wax is petroleum. So, you can understand that it does not occur in nature. When paraffin breaks down, it gives off benzene, toluene, xylene, and many other carcinogenic chemicals that are not good for your health. Inhaling these compounds for a long period can prove to be a health hazard.

So, paraffin wax is not good for candles. When the candle burns, the flames and smoke it gives off are not healthy. Thus, these candles are good for occasional use but not for the long term.

Palm Wax

It is an improved variety of vegetable wax. Basically, they originate from the carnauba palm, the queen of all sorts of wax out there! They are very good for candles, soaps, etc. In fact, when it comes to molding, palm oil can be the most flexible medium to work with.

As it is a vegetable wax, it can mix well with other IMOs. Most importantly, the collection of wax here depends on the palm tree, which is a natural source. So, these waxes can be very comfortable to work with as there is no hazard.

You can find palm wax in pebbles and blocks. They have the added benefit of fragrances and dyes. Also, the problems with beeswax don’t arise here. But they can break easily. However, it is still one of the top choices.

Soy Wax

Soy wax comes from soybean plants; that’s normal. So, they have rich natural resources. They are vegetable waxes, so the structure and functionality are almost the same as palm waxes. But they are hard to work with.

The soy waxes do not take up scents as much as the palm waxes. Also, it is tough to take dyes. So, making colorful candles with these can be challenging! You can make small candles in small silicone molds with these. But if the design is too complicated, the wax may break.

That is why you can use these for small-scale candles like lamps, votives, etc. Besides, these waxes are chemically inert, so they hardly have any effect on the silicone molds!

Rapeseed Wax

These waxes are a bit softer than soy waxes. They burn for a really long time, longer than most vegetable wax candles. As a result, they burn better than most paraffin waxes too. But as they are softer than any variety, there is a great chance of breakage when you take them out of the mold!

Basically, you can use these to make small candles like church candles. Besides, the addition of colors or scents to their mixture can affect their performances. So, if your aim is to make colorful little candles, these may not be the best options. However, you can use them minus the color.

Which Is The Best Wax For Silicone Molds?

The best wax is undoubtedly beeswax. They are natural, safe for use, and can be easily used in silicone molds. You can just shape them into any form and any size!

Even if you work with other kinds of molds, such as latex, plastic, or glass molds, beeswax can be really awesome! There are some special criteria for which I recommend beeswax the most-

They Are Natural

They are completely natural because their primary source is beehives. Hence, you do not have to worry about harmful compounds being produced when these candles burn.

But beehives are not so common these days. So, many experiments are going on to produce beeswax artificially! Eventually, these waxes can be expensive.


The wax candles made from other kinds of wax emit white light. These lights can be comparable to the screen lights you see on TVs or phones.

However, in the case of beeswax, they emit soft glowing light. The radiation matches that of the sun. So, it can be soothing for your eyes as well!

Negative Ions

The best medium to work with is candles that emit negative ions. These negative ions make them healthier choices. As beeswax is directly linked with nature, when these burn, they can produce lots of negative ions.

Free Of Pollutants

The beeswax candles do not produce any bad odors or bad chemicals. They burn brighter and longer than any other variety. Basically, the smoke they emit is free of harmful air pollutants so that you can use them safely.

Most artificial candles will burn to produce bad gases, which can be toxic when you inhale them. But as beeswax is a natural product, the chemicals produced are also natural.

Burning Time, Fragrances, And Dyes

The burning time of beeswax is the longest. You have to choose the candlewick carefully to achieve the best results. So, for wicks, choose substances that can burn for a long time. The best wicks are made of cotton or wood.

Also, beeswax is really great at taking up dyes and colors. You can produce bright or dark-colored waxes with these of any shape and size. The ultimate result will depend on your silicone mold!

These candles are great for the addition of a small hint of scent. Usually, essential oils don’t work well at high temperatures. So, you can use a tiny amount while manufacturing the candle. Beeswax has its own sweet fragrance. But if you add a bit of coconut oil, the aroma becomes heavenly.


The best thing about these beeswax candles is that you can recycle any leftover parts of the candle. You can melt the candle and then put it into any other mold to give it yet another new shape and size.

If you have the perfect silicone mold for the job, your work is half done here. The new candle will be as good as the old one, with the same burning strength and quality. So, these are really environment-friendly and eco-friendly!


Candles are really fun to work with. They can also add to the beauty of any place and change the whole atmosphere! If you are a beginner at working with candles, choosing the best candle wax for silicone molds can be difficult.

I hope this article helped you learn about all kinds of candle wax in detail. Thank you for reading the entire piece with patience. Have a great day!

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