Advantages of Pouring Pitchers for Candle Making

Candle-making can be a great side hustle for anyone. If you have a passion for it, why not get into candle-making the right way? In this guide we will discuss whether do you need a pouring pitcher for candle making or not. And whether you can get by without one.

You do not need a pouring pitcher to make candles. However, having one will make it much easier. It is one of the most essential instruments when it comes to candle making.

Pouring Candles With Pouring Pitcher

Candle making is an art. And it is a skill as well. So, just like any skill, this one can be mastered as well. For that, you would need all the right tools. Having the right tools will make things much easier for you.

Do You Need A Pouring Pitcher For Candle Making?

When you are serious about candle-making, having all the necessary tools will make your life much easier. However, a pouring pitcher is not something you need. But the thing is when you are going to make candles, having one will ensure your candles turn out just the way you want them.

That is not to say that without one, you are all out of luck. There are ways you can make candles without a pouring pitcher or wax pourer. However, it is one of the basic equipment that most candle makers use.

Choosing to make candles without one will just make your life unnecessarily difficult. That is why I recommend always using a candle pitcher. When getting a pitcher, make sure that it is meant to be used for this purpose.

The last thing you want to do is to pour melted wax on a pitcher that is way too expensive and ruin it. Another thing you need to keep in mind is you should not use anything that is meant for cooking.

That is a big no-no. Kitchen utensils should be kept far away from all your candle-making tools. Having a well-built and well-designed pouring pitcher makes it easy for all kinds of candle making. The spout will make pouring seamless.

And honestly, that is the whole point of having one. If you get used to using a pitcher, trust me, you will not want to go back ever again.

What Other Basic Equipment Do You Need?

I am sure this comes off as no surprise to anyone that there are a couple more things you would need to make the candles. A pouring pitcher is only one part of the whole equation.

You need thermometers, wick bars, scales, heat sources, wax, and fragrances. All these will help you make the best candle there is. With some practice, that is.


Let’s start with thermometers first. This will allow you to know the right temperatures of the wax. Heating and cooling wax is an important aspect. You want to control that aspect as precisely as you can.

Candle-making requires patience, persistence, and skill. But no amount of practice will help you if you do not have the right tools. Stripped down to the bare basics, all candle making is just controlling the thermal cycle of the wax.

There are all kinds of thermometers you can buy. In the market, you will find really good options for glass thermometers, infrared thermometers, pyrometers, deep fryer thermometers, and more. The best option is to go with a good glass thermometer.

They are not that expensive and get the job done just as well as any other. So, there is no reason to waste your money on something else. Infrared thermometers and pyrometers are pretty expensive. But unless you are an absolute expert and run a candle-making business, I do not think the cost is worth it.

Wick Holders

There is nothing quite as unsatisfying as an off-centered wick. Let’s be honest, it gives most candle makers OCD. Some die-hard purists might even call you a careless candle maker if your wick is not centered perfectly. There is no reason why you should hear those kinds of remarks.

So, just get yourself a quality wick holder and call it a day. Besides, making a perfect candle with the wick in the middle will give you pride. And it just looks very satisfying as well. A centered wick is not important for aesthetic reasons only though.

A centered wick also ensures that the candle burns well. You can also try different kinds of wick holders like wick bars and bow tie clips. If you want to go the janky route, for the time being, clothespins can do the trick. But you need to eyeball the measurements pretty well though. Otherwise, the wick will be off-centered.


When you are making candles, you will need to measure the fragrance and wax. And for that, you will need a scale. Do not opt for just any scale. But also, do not go overboard. Any good quality food scale will do the trick.

The best thing is they can last pretty long if you take proper care of them. So, you do not need to worry about it too much. One great thing though is that if you are making candles from a kit, all the measurements are done for you. In that case, you do not need to worry about measuring your supplies.


You will need to melt the wax when candle-making. Duh. So, how do you do that? Well with a heat source, of course. Do not overthink here. A normal presto pot will do just fine.

Another alternative is getting a glass container and heating it by keeping it inside a pot on the stove. This one is a bit risky but can get the work done in a pinch.

Apart from these, you need wax and fragrance. Those things are pretty obvious. So, I will not go into much detail regarding all those. When candle-making, make sure you also let it cure properly. Otherwise, you will not get the desired results.

How To Make Candles Without A Pourer

It is not impossible to make perfectly fine candles without a pitcher. The way to do it is to get a mason jar and a stockpot. If you have some experience already, then you may be able to catch my drift.

Put the wax inside the mason and then put the jar into the stockpot. Heat it over the stove to melt the candle. Yes, I know that this is a bit of a janky and hacky solution. But this is one way to do it if you do not have access to a pouring pitcher at the moment.

When placing the mason jar, you need to make sure that the lid is not on! Otherwise, the heat might not be able to escape and will cause it to heat up too much. Besides, other complications can arise. You do not need to deal with all of those when they are easily avoidable.

Keep stirring the wax as it melts. This will give you solid results. Be careful touching the jar though. It will be very hot. Use mittens or a towel.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. So, do you need a pouring pitcher for candle making? Not strictly. But it is something that there is no reason to avoid buying. It will make the process much easier for you.

And if you want to treat candle-making as a side hustle (which can be very profitable by the way), a pouring pitcher is sort of a must.

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