How Much Fragrance Do You Put In Gel Wax?

Are you unsure about how much fragrance you should be adding to your gel wax? Did you know that depending on the type of fragrance you choose you may risk your gel candle catching fire?

The right type of fragrance in the right amount can make all the difference when it comes to making scent-rich and long-lasting gel candles.

Experts suggest using no more than ½ an ounce of fragrance oil per pound of low-density gel wax. For medium-density gel one can add up to ¾ ounce of fragrance oil per pound of gel wax and up to 1 ounce per pound for high-density gel. The higher the density of the gel the more fragrance it can hold.

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If you are planning on adding fragrances to your gel wax this is not all that you need to know. Choosing the right type of fragrance is just as important as the right quantity. So is the temperature at which fragrance oil should be added in the first place.

Luckily, you have come to the right place for the answers to these questions and much more.

How Much Fragrance Do You Put In Gel Wax & Other Types Of Waxes & At What Temperature?

Adding fragrance at the right temperature during the candle-making process is just as important as adding the right amount. Fragrances should be added to the gel or wax only at specified temperatures and stirred for at least two minutes so they are fully mixed in.

To simplify matters, we decided to create a table that shows exactly what amount of fragrance oil should be added at what temperature for some of the most commonly used waxes for candles. If candle making is a hobby of yours this can be a very helpful guide.

Type Of WaxAdd Fragrance Oil AtFragrance Amount
Paraffin Wax180-185 ℉ (85 ℃)½ an ounce of fragrance per pound of paraffin wax
Gel Wax220-225 ℉ (107 ℃)½ an ounce of fragrance per pound of gel wax
Beeswax160-165 ℉ (73 ℃)1-2 ounces of fragrance per pound of beeswax
Soy Wax180-185 ℉ (85 ℃)1-ounce fragrance per pound of soy wax
Coconut Blend Wax130 ℉ (54 ℃)1-1.5 ounces of fragrance per pound of gel wax
Palm Wax190-210 ℉ (87-98 ℃)½ an ounce of fragrance per pound of palm wax

What Type Of Fragrance Do You Put In Gel Wax?

Now that we know the answer to how much fragrance we can safely add to gel wax, let’s take a look at the type of fragrance one can use.

To begin, not all types of fragrance oils are compatible with gel wax. In fact, one has to be very selective about the type of fragrance oil they choose to put in their gel wax.

It is a common belief in the DIY candle-making world that only non-polar scents can be added to gel wax. However, this is not the case as no scent is truly non-polar. All scents have polarity. Some just have more of it than others.

The fragrance oils used for gel wax should always be on the lesser end of the polarity spectrum. But that is not all. The fragrance oil chosen should also have a flashpoint of at least 170 ℉ (approx. 77 ℃) or higher.

Never use paraffin wax scents or any type of untested essential oil. Adding these polar fragrances can cause your gel candle to catch fire or worse explode. Click here for a complete list of all fragrances and essential oils that can be used for your gel candle creations.

There are plenty of fragrance oils that are compatible with gel wax. So, you should have no problem finding the right scent to fit your needs. Just make sure the fragrance oil is specifically formulated for use in gel wax and that you buy it from a reputable source.

Testing Fragrances For Gel Wax Solubility

It is always best to test the fragrance you intend to use for your gel wax before committing. This can save you a lot of time and misfortune. A quick gel wax solubility test can provide the results you need to make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing the right fragrance.

The Gel Wax Solubility Test For Fragrances

Step 1

Take a small glass container and mix 1 part fragrance with 3 parts food-grade mineral oil. Shake the container and allow the mixture to sit for at least a couple of minutes. Check to see if the mixture has blended.

Step 2

If everything looks good take 3 parts fragrance oil to 1 part food-grade mineral oil. Shake the glass container and allow the mixture to sit for at least a few minutes. Check to see if the fragrance has blended with the mineral oil.

The Results

While performing this test if you find at any point that the mixture is insoluble or there seems to be a sort of cloudiness in the mixture after it is set then this fragrance is unfit and unsafe for use in gel wax.

To pass the test both mixtures should be transparent and thoroughly blended. This is a sure-tell sign that the fragrance oil is suitable for use in gel wax.

The Dangers Of Getting Fragrances Wrong

When adding fragrances all of the things discussed above should be followed to a tee. Getting any part of it wrong can have catastrophic results. Adding fragrance at the wrong temperature can result in unwanted bubbles making the gel unsafe.

Even if you add the right amount of non-polar fragrance to your gel wax at the right temperature, if it is not mixed in properly it can create ‘scent pockets’ that can ignite suddenly and pose a very dangerous fire hazard.

Always remember to never over scent any type of candle. If you would like to add more fragrance choose a higher density gel or hard wax that is able to naturally hold more fragrance oil and other embellishments.

Also, never use a fragrance oil with a flashpoint of less than 170 ℉ for gel candles. This can create a massive difference between the melting point and flashpoint of your gel as compared to your fragrance. Doing this can potentially lead to an unsafe candle that would be unstable and susceptible to exploding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How can you get rid of bubbles in gel wax?

No candlemaker wants to see dreaded bubbles forming in their gel unless wanted. However, one can get rid of these bubbles fairly easily using a few simple techniques.

Using a higher pouring temperature can be a quick fix to the problem. Using a metal spoon for mixing rather than a wooden one is also a good idea. If you see surface bubbles use a heat gun to quickly get rid of them. If there are a lot of bubbles, warm the gel candle in your oven at low heat for a few hours. This will help get rid of them.

Q2) Can you melt gel wax using a microwave?

No. You should never use a microwave to melt or heat gel wax. This is an extremely dangerous and unsafe method and should be avoided at all costs.

Q3) What materials do you need to make gel candles?

To make gel candles you will need the following; a glass container, gel wax, non-polar fragrance essential oil, liquid dye, stainless steel pot, thermometer, zinc wick, and hot glue.

Final Thoughts

For many, having fragrances in candles can heighten their entire candlelight experience. Gel, with its relatively high density, makes for just about the perfect material for aromatic candle making.

Just ensure you add the right amount and the right type of fragrance in your gel wax when making your candles for optimum results. You now have everything you need to scent up your world!

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