Is Glass Or Tin Better For Candles?

Candle-making business is a very unique way to transform your hobby into an additional income source. Moreover, this can be an easy and fulfilling way to earn a profit and also use up your free time. Also, quite surprisingly, it is very easy to start a candle-making business as the tools that are used to make the candles are very easy to use and minimalist.

Candlemakers prefer to use tin due to its affordability, durability, and lightweight. On top of that, the lower price of tin can boost the overall sales price of cable makers. Hence, even if candle-making is done as a hobby, tin should be chosen due to its many advantages.

Preparing Tin Candles and Glass Candles

Now, if you want to get into candle making, the container for the candles needs to be selected. So, after you narrow down your selection, glass and tin might be your desired choice. But, which one should you choose? Is glass or tin better for candles?

Glass Vs. Tin: Which Is Better For Making Candles?

There has been a recent trend among candle makers to use tin instead of glass for their candle containers. The merits of tin containers outweigh their demerits. In this article, I am going to explain why tin is better than glass and hopefully clear up any questions that you may have.

An Affordable Alternative

Tins are a great and affordable option for restocking. Tins are used as packaging in various other products. It is also commonly used by other candle makers due to its high demand and lower economic value. So, using candle tins as packing and ordering them in bulk is your safest option, especially if your business is new.

Here, glass is a bit riskier as its value is much higher than tin. In other words, when you buy jars in bulk, the prices will be significantly greater than when you buy tin in bulk.

More Durability

Needless to say that tin is more durable than glass. Here, the reason for this is that glass itself is fragile, no matter the hardness. Further, if you drop a glass container, it runs a great risk of shattering. As a result, you or your buyers could potentially hurt themselves from the shattered glass shards.

On the other hand, tins do not run this kind of risk. If you drop a tin container, it will most probably get a dent depending on the height it fell from. Since tin is made of stronger materials, it can absorb most of the damage without causing much damage to your candles.

Much less of a headache for shipping, as you don’t need to be afraid of breaking.

Lightweight Packaging

Tin is a far better option for packaging than glass due to its durability. Not only this, but tin is also lightweight, which makes it easier to carry. Likewise, it also lowers the shipping costs, which is sure to increase your actual sales price.

Unlike tin, glass is much heavier and will always increase the shipping costs. Unless a thinner glass jar is used, your shipping cost won’t go down. This also runs the risk of breaking while shipping.

Furthermore, thicker glass jars will only weigh down on your customers when they buy from a shop, as their shopping bags will be heavier and any sudden bumps on the road run a great risk of shattering.

Overall Aesthetic

Besides the mentioned merits, tins are aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, you can apply different designs to it. For instance, floral prints, designed lines, solid or mixed colors, and many other variations exist. In addition, candle tins are easier to personalize due to their minimalist design.

On the other hand, glass jars are very plain to look at. Despite this, an advantage that glass jars have is that they can display the colorful waxes that they contain. Likewise, it can better attract buyers due to its ability to showcase the candle wax.

Which Tin Containers Should You Use For Scented Candles

Tin containers have become a popular trend among candle makers due to their durability, affordability, aesthetics, and lightweight. But, can you use any tin containers for your candles? In short, no you can’t.

Firstly, some tin containers are not just one part. Meaning that they aren’t compressed together as one. So, you will notice that they have a seam on one side that keeps the two parts together. If you do find tin containers with seams, avoid them as they can cause leakage.

The leakage occurs due to heat, as tin is a metal and it will expand. Hence, after heating up, the seam separates a little and the wax starts to leak out of it.

Second, look for tin vessels that are completely intact, which means a container that has no seams. You should use this type of container since the wax will not leak out even if the container heats up.

Moving on, you could go for tin containers, which have been recently popular with candle makers due to their durability, affordability, aesthetics, and lighter weight. Not only does it lower shipping costs, but it also increases your actual sales price. Furthermore, even if you make candles as a hobby, tin is still a better option.

Which Glass Container Should You Use For Scented Candles

If you do end up using glass containers then most glass containers can be used for scented candles. However, some glass containers should be avoided for scented candles as they run a great risk of creating a fire accident. For example, glass with thinner walls shot glasses, and martini glasses to name some.

In general, glass is an ideal material as it is non-flammable and non-porous. Also, the thicker a glass container is, the better it is as it will not crack due to heat.

Thicker Glass Container

If you choose glass containers for your scented candles, then choose the ones with thicker walls. Further, a glass container with thicker walls is less likely to crack due to heat. Even though the glass container might be heavy and increase shipping prices, safety should always come first.

On the other hand, glass with thinner walls might look pretty, but it is very unsafe. This means that they have a greater chance of cracking due to heat. Consequently, if the glass container cracks, a fire accident might occur.

Bigger Or Wider Glass Container

The glass containers should not be too small. Likewise, if the container is small, the wax might spill out and create a mess. For instance, you should not choose shot glasses as they are too small. If you do use shot glasses for your candles, then the wax might spill out of them and make a huge mess on the surface they were on.

Moreover, bigger or wider glass containers should be chosen. For example, jelly and highball glasses are good choices for this.

If you still want to buy glass containers for your candle-making hobby, I would recommend that you buy jelly jars. The reason is that jelly jars are designed to withstand high levels of heat and can hold wax without any problem. You can use other kinds of glass containers as long as they are thick enough to withstand the heat.


While reading this article, you may have found your answer to the question: is glass or tin better for candles? Tin is without a doubt the best material for your candle-making hobby, as its merits outweigh those of glass.

I hope that by reading this article, you were able to find the answers that you were looking for. Thank you for reading this article. Have a nice day.

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