What Does Stearic Acid Do For Soy Candles?

If you are new to the craft of candle making, you might have heard about stearic acid. Stearic acid is widely used, but it can be difficult to understand. Many can not help but wonder: what does stearic acid do for soy candles? To a beginner, the purpose and uses of this ingredient can be confusing.

Stearic acid is used in soy candles to provide them with a longer burn time. The entire candle burns for a long time, creating a satisfying melt pool. The fragrance of the candle becomes stronger due to the addition of stearic acid. It also helps the oil in the soy candle stay fresh as well as stay compact with the candle.

Adding Stearic Acid to Soy Candle

Although it is a very important ingredient for candles, using it can be quite challenging. Especially because a strong ingredient like stearic acid should be used very carefully and by the right method. Keep reading to learn more!

Can You Use Stearic Acid In Soy Candles?

Stearic acid can be used in soy candles. It is a great component to add to the soy candle mix. Stearic acid has many advantages that enhance the quality of soy candles. It adds firmness to the candles. It also adds a longer burn time to the soy candles.

Stearic acid is a natural ingredient. This means it is a naturally occurring component that falls under the group of stratum corneum (SC) lipids. It is found in different vegetable fats, animal tallow, butter, shea butter, cocoa butter, etc. ingredients.

Stearic acid is safe to use in any candle mix of your preference. It works especially well in soy candle mix. This is because soy wax is softer than other forms of candle wax. Stearic acid reacts better with soy wax to make the candles stronger and firmer. So, it is safe to say that you can use stearic acid in your candle mix by following the correct procedure.

Why Use Stearic Acid In Soy Candles

Stearic acid is widely used in making candles. Whether you are a beginner or professional at making candles, you might want to try using this ingredient in candles. They are used in candles for several reasons. Some of them are-

1. Prevent Slumping

Stearic acid is a great component to add to your soy candles. They are effective at making the candle wax harder. As a result, the candle is prevented from slumping. It burns for a longer time when it is not slumping. So, you can get a firm candle free from slumping.

If your soy candles are slumping and you are wondering how to get the best melt pool out of them, stearic acid is an amazing option for you. With the right use of stearic acid, the soy candles will stay firm and won’t slump. They will also burn for a long time.

2. Enhance Dye Colors

Stearic acid will work wonders if you are looking for a way to add a tinge of color to your candle. Stearic acid increases the opacity of the candles. As a result, the dye colors used in the candle work better and stay more prominent.

Stearic acid is a great component to use for coloring soy candles. Especially if you are looking for increasing options and bringing in variations in the candles that you are making, make sure to use stearic acid. They will give a better, more effective dye color than you could normally achieve without using them.

3. Longer Burn Time

When stearic acid is used in candles, the candles burn for a longer period of time. This happens due to a simple chemical mechanism. Stearic acid increases the melting point of the wax used in the candle up to a certain limit. As a result, the candle burns for a longer time when stearic acid is mixed with the wax of the candle.

If you are facing the problem of a short burn time, stearic acid can be of great use to you. Simply adding this ingredient in the right amount to your candle wax can help the candle stay lit for a longer time. As a result, you can get a longer burn time for the candle.

4. Stronger Fragrance

Stearic acid is very useful in making sure your candles smell stronger. It allows you to add more fragrance oil to the candle wax. Which is very helpful when it comes to scented candles. When the scented candles give off the right strength of fragrance, the effectiveness of the candle is greatly increased.

Stearic acid is effective in prolonging the scent of the candles. It is more effective in soy candles because the soy wax is softer. As a result, stearic acid is incorporated into soy candles to increase the scent. It is effective in strengthening both the cold scent throw and the hot scent throw of the candles.

How To Use Stearic Acid In Soy Candles?

Stearic acids are used in soy candles according to the measurement of the soy wax used for making the candle. Generally, for every pound of soy wax, 3 tablespoons of stearic acid are used. The stearic acid ratio is 10% of the total content of the candle. This also means 1.77 ounces of stearic acid per pound of soy wax.

Usually, the stearic acid comes in a solid-state. So, it can be difficult to understand how exactly to use it in your soy wax mix. Stearic acid must first be melted completely before it is mixed with the candle wax mix. You should follow the double-boiler melting method to melt it.

Take your double boiler melting pot or simply a wax melting pot. Add the stearic wax to the pot and carefully heat it. Make sure to check the temperature of the double broiler. The temperature should be between 140 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the stearic acid is safely melted, take it off the heat source. Wait a little while until it cools down somewhat. Then take the necessary measurements of the stearic acid and add it to the candle mix. Mix the melted stearic acid with the melted soy wax. Make sure to use a silicone spatula to mix the two ingredients.

You can add your preferred color, dye, essential oils, or fragrance-enhancing oil to the candle mix after that. With that, you are done making the mix for your soy candle. After cooling and setting it, you will have a firm, slump-free candle that gives off a strong and soothing scent. The candle will also have a longer burn time with beautiful coloring.

Where To Get Stearic Acid?

Stearic acid is widely used in various products, ranging from medicine to skincare products. It is synthesized for commercial use. So, it is quite common to find people around you. You can find stearic acid in chemical stores around you. Some pharmacies and healthcare stores also sell stearic acid as it is used for different purposes.

You can also buy stearic acid from online stores and e-commerce websites that deliver to your region. If you are looking for stearic acid to specifically use for your candles, several DIY candle-making kits include stearic acid along with other necessary ingredients for making the candles.


Stearic acid is an amazing ingredient to add to your soy candles. It makes your candles firm and makes them smell more profoundly. In simpler terms, to sum up, what stearic acid does to soy candles, the benefits are many.

It is not only easy to use but also highly effective for giving your soy candles the extra enhancement that makes them stand out.

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