What Temperature Do You Add Fragrance To Gel Wax?

It is important to only add fragrance to gel wax when it is at a certain temperature. You also must ensure that you use a fragrance that is safe to use in gel wax. There is also a test you can do at home to discover if your fragrance will work with the gel wax. Let’s find out what you need to know about mixing gel wax and fragrance.

You should add your gel-safe fragrance to your gel wax when it is 200-220 °F. Stir the fragrance through the wax slowly and allow the fragrance to dissolve into the gel wax and provide a great smelling candle.

When making candles at home, there are a lot of things to know first, especially when it comes to creating a great fragrant gel candle. Knowing when to add fragrance and what type of fragrance to use will give you the tools to be a successful candle maker.

Adding Fragrance To Gel Wax

When making candles at home, ensure you add fragrance to your gel wax when it is at 200-220 °F. You will need to have a thermometer to know the accurate temperature of the gel wax. Keep a watch on the temperature as it gradually rises.

By adding the fragrance at the right temperature between 200-220°F, the fragrance can dissolve and bind with the wax in the most optimal way. Do not add the fragrance when the gel wax is under heated or over heated. This is because the fragrance will not dissolve properly and can cause a cloudy appearance as well as being a hazard if it gets too hot.

After adding in the fragrance, you will need to mix it in slowly and then allow the gel wax to cool slightly before pouring it. You then need to leave the candle to cool for at least four hours until you touch, move, or light it.

What Type Of Fragrance To Add To Gel Wax

When adding fragrance to gel wax, you need to ensure that the fragrance is safe to go in gel wax. The flash point of the fragrance will need to be over 170 °F.

You cannot just add in essential oils and fragrances that you may use for other types of waxes. This is very important to be aware of to keep the candle, yourself, and your home safe from a fire hazard. Know that gel wax is different from other types of waxes, so it is crucial to learn about the requirements needed before starting your candle making.

If you do use incorrect fragrances in your gel wax, then your candle may catch fire and cause an unsafe situation. It may also cause separation within the gel to occur and a cloudy appearance in the candle. It is best to not take any risks when working with these substances.

Instead, you need to add gel safe, low polarity fragrances to the gel wax if you would like to add a scent to your candle. These fragrances will be safe to use and work well with the gel and provide a great scented candle. If you follow the basic rules and steps, you can create beautiful and unique looking gel candles.

Testing If Your Fragrance Is Safe To Use In Gel Wax

You can buy gel safe fragrances online or in store from many places. However, if you wanted to check if a fragrance you already have is safe to use in gel wax, then there is a simple and quick test you can do at home.

You can do a test using minimal equipment that will tell you whether the fragrance you want to use will be suitable for the gel wax or not. Ideally, your fragrance will state that it is safe for gel candles, but if you are unsure, then you can do this test at home to double check. You will need some mineral oil and a test tube.

Steps To See If Your Fragrance Is Safe To Use In Gel Wax

This quick test will take under ten minutes to do, so give it a go and don’t take any risks.

  1. Add The Oils Together And Shake

Add one part mineral oil to three parts synthetic fragrance oil in the test tube. Close the test tube and give it a shake.

  1. Check The Appearance Of The Liquid

If the liquid becomes cloudy and then appears clear and remains clear for a few minutes, then you can move on to step three. However, if the liquid stays cloudy or layers have appeared in the test tube, this shows that this fragrance is not suitable for your gel candle.

  1. Do Another Test Using Different Amounts

Next, do the same process as before, but instead, swap the amounts over so you are using three parts mineral oil to one part synthetic fragrance oil. Shake it and allow it to rest for a few minutes.

  1. See If Your Fragrance Is Gel Wax Safe

If the liquid has turned cloudy or separation has occurred, then this is a sign that it is not suitable to go in the gel wax. However, if it is clear, then it is safe to use in your gel wax to create a scented gel wax candle!

If you have followed these steps and have discovered that your fragrance is not suitable, then you can make your candle without fragrance or get some gel safe fragrance to use. If your test was successful, then you can get into making your gel candle!

How Much Fragrance To Add To Your Wax

The grade of gel wax you have will determine how much fragrance you should add, as the different grades have different capacities of fragrance that they can hold.

How Much Fragrance To Use Depending On The Gel Grade
Low Grade Gel WaxUp to 3% Synthetic Fragrance Oil
Medium Grade Gel WaxUp to 4% Synthetic Fragrance Oil
High Grade Gel WaxUp to 6% Synthetic Fragrance OIl

Source: https://craftbits.com/project/basic-gel-candle-making/

From this table, we can see that the higher the grade of the gel wax being used, the more fragrance the gel wax can handle. Therefore, if you want a very fragrant candle using a high grade gel wax would be the one to choose.

A high grade gel wax will also be firmer and more stable so you can add heavier or larger items to it as well as providing a strong scent. However, the most popular gel wax people use when making gel candles at home is the medium grade wax, which is perfect for a few light items being embedded in the candle and has a decent scent to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Scents Can I Make My Gel Candle Smell Like?

There is a huge variety of fragrances and scent options for your gel candle. You can get the more traditional scents, such as floral, fruity, herbal, and woody smells. However, you can also now get more unconventional fragrances that have scents like linen, alcoholic beverages, chocolate, and more.

The most important thing when adding these fragrances to your wax is that you add them at the correct temperature. By doing this, you will get the strongest scent out of the fragrance that you added.

Final Words

Now you know that the temperature that you should add fragrance to gel wax is 200-220 °F. Stir the fragrance into the wax slowly and allow it to cool slightly before pouring the wax. Ensure you use a fragrance that is safe to use in gel candles. Happy candle making!

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