Why Are My Wax Melts Soft?

Making wax melts can be a therapeutic experience if you can do it right. The process is simple enough as well, all you require is a wax warmer. Add a nice fragrance to it and it will change the whole ambiance of your room for the better. Yet, things can be confusing when your wax melts and will not harden and stay soft.

The reason why wax melts can sometimes be soft is that the wax used was soft or sticky on its own. Not adding fragrance oil when the wax is still pretty hot can also lead to the wax melts being soft and sticking to the molds.

Soft Wax Melts

Understanding how wax melts work can be extremely confusing, especially if you are just getting into it. Now that you have a slight idea about why your wax melts are soft, I will dive into the details of the topic in this article. I have also included some additional guidelines about wax melts to help you out. I would recommend reading the whole article.

Why Are Your Wax Melts Soft?

As mentioned, using the wrong kind of wax can lead to your wax melts being soft. I would recommend going for paraffin or soy wax as they are on the harder side and hence, can be removed from the molds with ease. Coconut wax and beeswax are good choices too.

If you are wondering which wax to buy so that it does not become soft, you should buy any which has a melting point of 145 °F or a lower one.

Secondly, after taking your wax off the stove to pour it into the molds, you are to add the fragrance oil when the wax mixture is still very hot. Otherwise, the whole thing will not mix properly and will not be removed thoroughly from the wax melt mold as it can become sticky.

How To Make Hard Wax Melts?

If you are looking for a comprehensive method for making hard wax melts, I have got your back. Below I have included the step-by-step instructions so that there is no confusion from your side. I have included the instructions on the basis of creating 6 wax melts through tart wax so that is easier for you to understand and follow through.

Step 1: Cut the tart wax using a large knife. You should know that this cutting procedure will take some time. In your steel pitcher or cup, pour in around 370 g of tart wax. On a scale, weigh the wax so that it is the correct amount.

Step 2: Set the steel pitcher on your stove and allow the wax and fragrance oil to mix and melt together. Make sure the flame is not set too high. The general temperature should be around 180 °F and never more than that.

Step 3: After the wax has melted, take the pitcher off the stove and stir the mixture for a minute or two so that there are no chunks of wax remaining.

Step 4: Pour 60g of your preferred fragrance oil into the wax mix and stir some more.

Step 5: When the temperature of the wax and fragrance mixture is around 150-160 °F, pour the mixture into the mold of your wax melts.

Step 6: Allow the mold to shape the wax melts and solidify them.

Step 7: When you see the wax melts are completely solid, pop them into your wax warmer and get ready to enjoy the fragrance.

Things to Consider While Choosing Wax Warmers For Your Wax Melts

In case you have grown fond of making wax warmers and want to keep doing so for a long time, you will need to get a good wax melt warmer. For that, you need to be aware of all the things that make a wax warmer a good one. I have listed the most crucial aspects below.

Components used: Despite wax warmers being resistant to flame, smoke and do not have the inconvenience of soot as well, they still need a source of heat for the proper creation of the wax melts. Hence, the wax warmers need to consist of the right materials such as ceramic, metal, etc.

Capacity and proportions: The height, weight, overall shape, etc. all determine how well the wax warmer might function. As they do not take up much space in your home, the ideal height of a wax warmer starts from approximately 5 inches and should not be higher than 7/8 inches. This is for the electric wax warmers which have unique shapes.

For the wax warmers which need to be plugged into outlets, the height for those starts from 3-5 inches with their diameters being approximately 3 inches. You should plug them into ports that are placed at an elevated height so that there are fewer undesired smells.

When it comes to capacity, usually wax warmers can contain no more than 3 cubes of wax. These usually weigh around half an inch for each cube.

Which Wax Warmers to Get for the Hardest Wax Melts?

As you already know, wax melt warmers are the most essential part of the creation of wax melts. In fact, wax melt warmers are the safer choice than the usual wax burners as there are no risks of an open flame. All you need to do is plug the wax warmer into an outlet and let it do its job.

Hence, to ensure that you invest in the best wax melt warmers and can make perfect wax melts, below I have created a list of the most popular wax melt warmers.

Candle Warmers Etc Pluggable Fragrance Warmer

This has an adjustable plug as its base. As a result, it can add to your convenience. In addition, it has an exterior covering that is a silver-finish filigree. This serves as quite the modern design.

More importantly, the wax warmer has an aesthetic touch as well through its filtered light bulb. As the wax goes through the melting process above this bulb, the bulb emits a soft glow, signifying the process of the wax melting.

Arvidsson Electric Wax Melt Warmer

This can function as both a wax melts warmer and a nightlight. There are also included bulbs that exude a warm light while the wax is melting. To make the cleaning of the wax dishes easier for you, there is also a dish that can be removed when needed.

Candle Warmers Etc Midas 2-in-1 Fragrance Warmer

This warmer appearance is very elegant yet modern with its metallic exterior and its tabletop design. You can find it in various shapes and colors to suit your preference.

It includes a pot that can be easily removed whenever you need to clean leftover wax, saving you a lot of time. Furthermore, it is very easy to switch the warmer on and off as it consists of an electrical cord that has a length of 36 inches.


The process of making wax melts is a journey in itself. The most crucial part is to stay present during the creation process. In addition, the choice of picking out your wax and being cautious during the melting phase has a great effect on the whole experience. After reading this article, you should have a thorough idea of everything.

Now you know why your max melts are soft and how to prevent that by making hard wax melts. If you somehow fail at that, you can always start the process again since they do not entirely perish. Best of luck!

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