Why Don’t My Wax Melts Smell Strong?

Suppose one day you are going through your cupboard and you discover a wax melt that you bought a long time ago. You get a burner to melt it. But unfortunately, you do not get a strong smell. You may then start to wonder: why don’t my wax melts smell strong? There are many reasons why wax melts do not smell strongly.

One of the primary reasons for wax melts for smelling strong enough is using a low-quality and underpowered burner. Using old wax melts or even low-quality wax melts can also affect the intensity of the aroma. Adding the aromatic oil at the wrong temperature can also diminish the oil resulting in less fragrant wax melts.

In this article, I will inform you about how long the smell of your wax melts lasts. I will also give you some advice on how to make the scent linger around for longer. By knowing these, you will not only learn how to look after your wax melts properly, but you will also learn some common household tricks along the way. So let’s get into it!

4 Reasons For Which Your Wax Melts Do Not Smell Strong

There can be many reasons why your wax melts do not smell strong. I have listed the main ones below so that you can find out the reason for your own wax melt’s lack of smell.

1. The Wrong Burner

Not using a good quality burner can reduce the effectiveness of your wax melts. This is because the lower the wattage of your burner, the more difficult it is to melt your wax melts.

Before you buy your burner, always check the wattage number at the back before finalizing your choice. If you are using an electric burner, then you should try to check if there is a wattage of thirty-five to forty for a good result. So next time you go shopping for some wax melts, try to make sure that your burner is good quality too.

You should also check for any cracks or holes in your burner. If there are any leaks, then I will advise you to change your burner immediately. Also, it is important to know that oil burners are not the same as wax burners.

You should not use oil burners for your wax melts because then the melting process will happen quickly and the scent of your wax melts will disappear faster. So you should always be careful about what kind of burner you are using.

2. Old Wax Melts

Wax melts do have an expiration date. They will not last forever. So, it is not a good idea to leave your wax melts unburned for long. The top layer will then lose its scent within around one to two years. If you burn it regularly, the smell will last a longer time than that.

For this reason, I will advise you to use them when you can instead of saving them and waiting for their deterioration.

3. The Quality Of Your Wax Melts

If your wax melts are poorly made, then there is a risk that the smell will not last for long. This is because poor-quality wax melts do not often have the appropriate fragrance added to them.

You should also know that just because some wax melts are slightly inexpensive doesn’t mean that it is of poor quality. Often, the scent itself defines whether the quality is good or not. It is determined by checking how fast the wax melts to produce aroma.

Good quality wax melts should produce their aroma almost instantly after setting them on a heated burner. If it takes too long for the aroma to be produced, then you might just have a bunch of low grade wax melts.

4. Adding Aromatics At The Wrong Temperature

The temperature of your wax melts is also another reason for them not smelling strong. While the wax melt is being made, the fragrant oil should be added at a certain temperature. The fragrance should be added when the wax is 185°F.

If this oil is added to the wax at a temperature that is too high, your wax melts will not smell strong enough. A lot of the fragrance will be burned away because of the high heat. Then, you will not have much of the oil left for your wax melts when you put them in the burner. So this is a big reason why your wax melts do not smell strong.

For How Long Does The Smell Of Your Wax Melts Last?

How long your wax melts last depends a lot on the size of the cube you use in them. If you have a single cube, then the smell can last for around six to twelve hours.

The number of hours for which you burn your wax melts also has an impact on the smell. If you burn them for around one or two hours a day, then it is more than enough. You do not need to burn your wax melts the whole day to get that nice smell.

Not only is this expensive as your wax melts will diminish faster, but it is also dangerous because there is a high chance of something catching fire.

Tips And Tricks On Making Your Wax Melts Smell Strong

There are many useful tips and tricks that you can use to make your wax melts stronger. I have included some very useful yet cost-effective ways by which you can get your wax melts to smell stronger.

  1. Positioning Is Key

Many people don’t realize that where they place their wax melts will greatly affect the aroma. The aroma more or less travels with the heat coming from the burner. So, if you position the wax metals too high, most of the aroma will travel to the ceiling. If you position it too low, most of the aroma will be too diluted in the air before they reach your nose.

The best practice is to keep the wax melts at the waist level. Like placing them on a coffee table. That way you can ensure the aroma evaporates and flows directly to your nose so that you experience the smell most strongly.

  1. Small Rooms

If you buy wax melts and then notice that it doesn’t give off a strong smell, then you can use it in a smaller room. A small room will allow the fragrance to spread faster than a big room.

However, you must remember to remove any fans or curtains when you place your wax melts in the room. This is because it can be hazardous to your home. So, whenever you place the wax melts in a room, make sure there are fewer flammable items around it.

  1. Add More Essential Oils

You may notice that adding essential oils to many things is quite popular these days. You can even add essential oils to your wax melts to make them smell stronger.

When your wax melts on the burner, you might see a small pool of wax at the base of the wax melt. If you add a few drops of essential oils, it can make the whole room smell nice.

But you should still be safe when doing this. So do not add drops of oil before you have put out the fire in your burner. So after you have done this, you can add the drops and turn the burner back on. Remember any accidental drops of essential oil can ignite an uncontrollable flame.


So now you know a lot about wax melts. I have informed you about the reasons why they don’t smell strong enough. I have also given you some tips on how to make their smell last longer. By using these ideas, you can learn how to take care of your wax melts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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